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Polarities exist so that we can learn both sides of any situation. Sometimes we live at one extreme and at other times at the other extreme. But gradually we find there is a middle place of perfect balance, neither one or the other, but a perfect blend of holistic, synergistic balance. This is the Land of the Tweener.

People living at the furthest extremes of the polarities are the most threatened by their polar opposites. But as we evolve to Tweener status, the fears and prejudices of differences melt away.

All places and times that are in-between are magically potent. Tweener places include thresholds and gates.

There are also Tweener Times, those moments when you will be able to tap into in-between energy or feel the in-between emotions easier. These are the times the veil is the thinnest between two polarities. They include: midnight, noon, dusk, dawn, Summer Solstice, Winter Solstice, Samhain/Halloween, May Eve/Beltane, between birth and life, and between death and the afterlife.

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