Carl Llewellyn Weschcke and Joe H. Slate define bidirectional endlessness of the soul as a theory based on laboratory and anecdotal records that shows personal existence is 4-dimensional:

  1. A soul exists before its first lifetime
  2. A soul exists during each of its lifetimes
  3. A soul exists between lifetimes
  4. A soul will exist after its last lifetime

The Life-Between-Lives is known by many names such as the Akasha (Hinduism), the Bardo (Tibetan Buddhism), Dreamtime (Aborigine), the Inbetween, the Interlife, the Intermediary World (Platonism, Buddhism, Hinduism), Mythic Reality (Joseph Campbell), the Spirit World, the Subtle World, the 5th Dimension, The Light, The Other Side, Beyond the Veil, Eternal Life, Heaven, The Afterlife, and Disincarnated Life.

Many sources say that what you expect to find in the Afterlife is exactly what you will get. In other words, we create that world from our own thoughts and beliefs. Michael Newton has written books that focus on reports of the between lives from hypnotized clients. The descriptions are very similar to what other psychics report. Based on these sources, I have listed places below that exist in the 5th dimension. If it is true we create our world in the Afterlife, I really want mine to have these places:

  1. The Gateway – Most often described as a tunnel or bridge of light. This is where souls cross the veil between the dimensions.
  2. Hall of Wisdom – Where life review occurs after death
  3. Hall of Healing – Where healing and rejuvenation occur after death
  4. Hall of Records – Where the Akashic Records are kept
  5. Hall of Justice – Where the Council of Elders reside
  6. Home of the Soul Group – Where the soul group and guide reside
  7. Halls of Learning – Various schools of learning that a soul can attend
  8. Pre-life Selection Room – Where a soul meets with guides to choose the next incarnation

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