They say a cat has 9 lives. Humans have many more than that. There is no set number of lives that you will live. You can have as many or as few as you wish. Hundreds are common in a full cycle of incarnations. The Michael Channel says the average number of lifetimes for an entire cycle is 180, but can range from as low as 35 to as high as 400. Brian Weiss says the average number of lives in a cycle is about 100.

According to Michael Newton, soul age can be identified by color. Here is his classification based on his past life and between life regression sessions.


“Michael” is a causal plane entity composed of 1050 individuals each of who lived a complete set of lifetimes on Earth. They are now spirit-guides and mentors to us here on Earth. One of the models that they teach us about is that of soul ages and levels. There are 7 parts within each soul age, each taking between 1 to 10 lifetimes for completion. The average number of lifetimes for the entire cycle is 180, but can range from as low as 35 to as high as 400.

Soul Ages

There are two stages beyond Old Souls, Transcendental Souls and Infinite Souls, which are vastly beyond the human soul stages. However, they may occasionally take human bodies but do so to be in service as teachers or guides.

Combining Newton’s soul levels with Michael’s soul levels gives this progression:

 Soulage Colors

The purpose of this model is not to categorize or rate individuals as above or below others. Through the knowledge of this model, I have learned tolerance, understanding, and patience with others who may be at different soul stages than I am. Each soul level has specific lessons associated with it and most people are dealing with different issues than I am. That doesn’t make any one of us better than, smarter than, or more righteous. It only means we are all on our own unique path with our own unique timing and our own unique gifts to share. We are all exactly where we are supposed to be and we can only know, comprehend, and understand what we can.

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