Forces that influence who we are

Back in the 1980s when I was a psychology major in college, I was always the one raising my hand to ask about the effect past lives have on our current personalities. We studied biological (nature) influences and social (nurture) influences but no one ever mentioned the impact of our past lives. I always thought that would be huge part of who we are today. Apparently, since science cannot yet “prove” reincarnation exists, it is not something that can be discussed in Western psychology.

Therefore I designed this diagram as a reminder of all the forces that come together to make up who we are in this moment in time. There are many of them, which points out how very multi-dimensional we are. And I suspect there are still more dimensions that will be uncovered as we evolve into higher levels of consciousness.

The energies that create who we are include:


  • Past & Parallel Lives
  • Astrological Influence
  • Karma & Contracts
  • Pre-Life Selection
  • Soul Purpose


  • Physical & Biological Properties
  • Hormones in the Womb
  • Genetics & DNA
  • Energetic Vibration & Frequency


  • Culture (Society)
  • Nurturing (Family)
  • Personality

When we are in our incarnated physical form a multitude of energies align perfectly to create who we are at this very moment. And as each moment progresses, these energies shift continuously. At the end of a day, we are not the same person we were when we started the day. All of our connections and experiences throughout the day have enriched our soul.

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