The butterfly is a universal symbol of reincarnation, resurrection, rebirth, transformation, change, new beginning, freedom, celebration, luck, time, young love and the Soul because it represents the cycle of life in 3 stages:

The Caterpillar – Birth
The Chrysalis – Death
The Butterfly – Rebirth

There are many other symbolic meanings associated with the butterfly:

  1. Ancient Mythology – Symbolizes wisdom and everlasting knowledge.
  2. Ancient Greeks and some Russians – Souls of those who have passed away.
  3. Mexicans – Monarch butterflies are seen as the returning souls of the deceased because they migrate there every year around the Day of the Dead.
    4. Greek Mythology – The soul’s undying love. Psyche (which means soul) takes the form of a butterfly and is forever bound to Eros (the Greek god of love) as they share a timeless passion.
  4. Chinese – Long life, young love, marital bliss, and joy.
  5. Mandarin Chinese – The word for butterfly is “hu-tieh”, “tieh” meaning “70” years, therefore butterflies have become a symbol for a long life. Also for young men in love.
  6. Japanese – Personification of a human’s soul, marital bliss, and young maidens in love.
  7. Irish – Souls of those who are waiting to pass through Purgatory.
  8. Christianity – Rebirth and resurrection.
  9. Western World – Freedom, fun, and joyous times.
  10. Native American – Called upon for guidance in times of change. Also a sign of happiness. They believe that if you have a wish that you want to come true then you capture a butterfly and whisper the wish to her. Since butterflies make no sound, she can only tell the wish to the Great Spirit. After the wish is whispered to her she is set free and takes the wish up to the heavens to be granted.

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