Past, present, and future are labels we attach to vibrations of energy to help us differentiate our experiences. The past vibrates at a slower energy than the present and the future vibrates at a faster energy than the present. In order to consciously access these other dimensions, we would need to “tune” our awareness in just like tuning into a specific radio station. All of these energies are vibrating concurrently so technically you are living all of your lives, past, present, and future concurrently. Karma is the energetic wave that can affect all lives simultaneously.

Viewing time from this perspective allows us to see how past, present, and future lives really don’t exist however there can be a number of parallel lives happening concurrently. In addition, energy that is released through thoughts, emotions, and actions in any one of these lives, can affect any number of other parallel lives.

Space-time is the combination of space (3 dimensions) with time (the 4th dimension) into one continuum. Both time and space are synchronized and vibrate in harmony. Einstein merged time with space in his theories of relativity. He said that the concept of time depends on the spatial reference frame of the observer. Viewing time from this perspective allows us to realize that time is not concrete but fluid based on the point of view and motion of the observer.

Time-space is the opposite dimension from space-time. In time-space you are fixed in space but can move all throughout time quite easily. In space-time, which we are now a part of, you are fixed in time but can move around quite easily in space. It is through visiting time-space that a complete view of a soul’s entire range of experiences, past, present, and future, can be seen. Time-space is the dimension that we go after we die to review the lessons that we learned in our lifetimes. It is also a dimension that can be visited by psychic vision.

The following table shows the differences between the two dimensions:



  • Time is linear
  • Time is 3-dimensional
  • Physical Plane
  • Astral/Causal Plane
  • All geography exists simultaneously
  • All time exists simultaneously
  • 1 dimension of Time
  • 3 dimensions of Time
  • 3 dimensions of Space
  • 1 dimension of Space
  • Energy is in particle form
  • Energy is in wave form (fluid)
  • The force is gravity
  • The force is anti-gravity (levity)
  • Bodies are physical
  • Bodies are energy
  • Particles move slower than the speed of light
  • Particles move faster than the speed of light

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