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David Hawkins

David Hawkins, in his book, Power vs. Force, has ranked the vibration level of qualities of mind on a scale of 1 to 1000. He used muscle testing to develop this. 200 is the critical point of consciousness where a person puts back as much energy into the world as they take out. A person who scores below 200 drains energy from the collective. 85% of the world’s population calibrates well below 200, but it is the counterbalancing power of the few individuals near the top that brings the current world average to 207. 4% of the population calibrates at 500 and above; only 0.4% reach 540, and a level of consciousness calibrating at 600 or above is only reached by 1 in 10 million. Therefore, the take-away from this is: Not only does how you feel affect yourself, but the entire world as well.

Judgment and victim mentality are both very low frequency levels of consciousness. If a soul vibrates at the frequency of a victim, it energetically draws to itself experiences that confirm it is a victim. Judgment creates separation, separation creates fear, and fear creates big problems. However, judgment and victim identification can be eliminated by remembering that we are the creators of our experiences. We all have pre-planned the lives we live and our lives have been birthed in love and wisdom.

David Wilcock, in The Synchronicity Key and The Source Field Investigations, says that it has been scientifically proven that a group of 7000 people meditating privately in one location on thoughts of love, peace, and happiness were able to reduce acts of terrorism, wars, crimes, fatalities, and economic suffering, worldwide, by 72%. All other factors, including cycles, trends, weather, weekends, and holidays, were ruled out. More than 50 different scientific studies have demonstrated this same effect. I am not sure how they proved it but the bottom line is that our positive thoughts have an effect on our lives and the lives of others as well. So yes, let us believe we are in a consciousness ascension. It just might be helping it happen.

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