The Ascension

The Ascension is called by many other names such as: The Shift, The Golden Age, and The Age of Aquarius. What is meant when people say that we are ascending, is that Earth is moving from 3D (3rd dimension) to 4D (4th dimension).

There is much happening at this time on Earth. It would seem that much of what is happening is creating this energetic vortex of possibility for The Ascension to take place. Some of these happenings are: polar shifts, changes in global weather and climate (not just on Earth but on all the planets in our solar system), DNA activations, and galactic alignments.

The Ascension began at the Harmonic Convergence, which occurred on Aug 16, 1984. This is when an exceptional alignment of 8 planets in our solar system were aligned in an unusual configuration called a grand trine.

The next significant date of The Ascension occurred on Dec 21, 2012. This was the end of a 5,125-year cycle of Maya calendar.

Some Ascenscionists believe that the Age of Aquarius actually begins 1 ½ years after Dec 21, 2012, which is to occur on Jun 21, 2014.

Edwin Bernbaum, author of The Way to Shambhala, says that the Golden Age will come when the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter all meet in the same quadrant as the Tishya constellation, which will occur on Jul 26, 2014.

Additionally, some Ascensionists believe that the shift will take at least 36 years from Dec 21, 2012, so will not be near completion until Dec 21, 2048. It makes sense that The Ascension will take years because we are at the end of a 26,000 year cycle. An event of a day or even a few years wouldn’t even register on a scale that large. (To learn more about this 26,000 year cycle and all of the galactic changes that are occurring, read The Synchronicity Key by David Wilcock.)

It is theorized that when a certain critical mass of a species learns something, the information is suddenly transferred into the consciousness of every member of the race. This is known as the hundredth monkey theory. Ascensionists believe that once a critical mass of people reach the level of ascension, then the rest of the species can automatically ascend in what is called a global ascension, creating of a golden age on Earth. So, kind of, in a way, whether you believe it’s happening or not, it’s happening.

A part of The Ascension process will involve the physical body morphing into the energy body. The Merkabah will be our Light body. Our bodies will transition from homo-sapiens to homo-luminous beings. (In other posts I will be writing about the energy body and how to prepare your body for Ascension.)

Here is a list of Ascension Symptoms that you may already be experiencing. There is no reason to fear these but instead relax and go with the flow understanding what is happening to you as you prepare to evolve spiritually. Be gentle with yourself!


1. Body Changes (not associated with any dis-ease diagnosed by Western medicine)

  • Body aches, pains, and flu-like symptoms
  • Disorientation, ungrounded, off balance, dizzy, being out of body, and accident prone
  • Night sweats and hot flashes
  • Heart palpitations
  • Changes in sleeping and eating patterns

2. Social Changes

  • Withdrawal from current and old relationships
  • Increased introspection and introversion
  • Job changes

3. Emotional Changes

  • Sadness, depression, anxiety, and loneliness
  • Crying for no reason
  • Creativity bursts

4. Consciousness Changes

  • Increased intuition, premonition, synchronicity, and psychic abilities
  • More intense and lucid dreams
  • Heightened sensitivity (of all senses)
  • Increase in sensing and communicating with spirits

5. Spiritual Changes

  • Activity at crown of head
  • Yearning for more spiritual connection
  • Clearing of Karma
  • DNA activation
  • Absorbing more light
  • Longing to go “Home”

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