“The place where you are right now Spirit circled on a map for you.” -Hafiz

Feeling stuck? Just because you aren’t moving, it doesn’t mean you are stuck. Just because you’re not moving forward, it doesn’t mean you are moving backward.

If you were truly stuck you wouldn’t be aware of it. However, many of us feel very stuck at times. It simply means we are aware that it’s time to move.

Stuckness needs to be reframed as a resting plateau, a place of rejuvenation we need in order to prepare ourselves for the next zoom period. Like a caterpillar that needs incubation time before it flies as a butterfly, we all need rest between intense growth periods. So if you’re feeling stuck or blocked, consider that you are in a short dormant period waiting to pop into something new, exciting, and big!

There is nothing to sweat or fret, this dormant period will shift when the timing is perfect for you. The Universe is created in a way that you are always exactly where you are supposed to be at any given moment in time.

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