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Ever watch a squirrel that decides to journey across a roadway? Many times as he crosses, he turns to see a crises in the form of a big car bearing rapidly down on him. For a few terrifying moments he is frozen in time, considering his options:

  • Does he return from where he came, a place that is known to him?
  • Does he continue forward to the other side, most likely a place that is unknown?
  • Or does he stay still in the middle of the road and hope that the car misses him?

However, he must choose only one of the 3 paths and make a pretty darn fast decision which one it will be.

This is a great metaphor for life. Destiny is bearing down on each of us but at any point in time we have free will to change the direction of our path.

If we retreat back to what is known to us, it may be temporary safety, for we can again start out on the journey to new territory. If we continue forward, we will end up in new territory that will bring us exciting experiences and great opportunities for growth. However, if we stay frozen in place, we take a chance that we might not survive the current threat coming at us.

Thankfully not all of life’s surprises that come our way are as life threatening as being hit by a car. If we come to a fork in our road, often we have the luxury to travel both sides of the fork until the right path becomes obvious and we can relinquish traveling the one that is not right.

In quantum physics, it has been proven that even though we make a decision to take one path over another, some energy does continue to travel down the fork we did not choose. Think about how that energy may be manifesting in a parallel dimension beyond our conscious mind.

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