Drakes Past Lives

Here is a fun reincarnation exercise you can do by yourself. Go into a relaxed state of mind and think of all the cultures, countries, and time periods you feel either very connected to or very resistant to. These are very likely to be places of past lives. Make a list then place the locations on a world map. Look to see if there are any patterns. You can color coordinate your push pins by time periods.

Barbara Lane has given this list of clues to sensing your past lives:

  1. Interest in a certain historical time period
  2. Fascination with a geographical area or setting
  3. Art, artifacts, music, and dance that resonates
  4. Your taste in fashion, jewelry, and home decor
  5. Movies and books that resonate
  6. Vocations, avocations, education
  7. Knowledge or talent you have beyond experience
  8. Childhood memories
  9. Recurring patterns
  10. Physical reactions, sensations, and emotions
  11. Dreams and visions
  12. Experiencing deja vu
  13. Strong feelings about someone you’ve just met
  14. Preferences and personalities
  15. Joking about past lives
  16. Synchronistic experiences

In addition to self-observation above, here are 8 other ways that you can access your past lives:

  1. Accessing the Akashic Records
  2. Meditation and visualization
  3. Regression (through hypnosis)
  4. Scrying or dowsing
  5. Shamanic journeys
  6. Psychic readings
  7. Role play
  8. Dreams

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