Holographic Soul

According to Ian Lawton in his book The Big Book of the Soul, soul consciousness is holographic. A soul is both individual aspects of Spirit/Source/Creator and full holographic representations of Spirit/Source/Creator, both at the same time. The principle of a hologram is that the part contains the whole and yet is clearly distinguishable from it. Therefore the Soul is a part of Spirit/Source/Creator but retains its own free will. Every individual consciousness is a part of Universal consciousness. He says “All is in each and each is in all and all is in Spirit/Source/Creator and Spirit/Source/Creator is in all.” We are all related (Mitakuye Oasin). This is in alignment with what is taught in the medicine wheel: I know Spirit is within me, Spirit is working through me, and Spirit is working as me.

In 1901, Dr Duncan MacDougall tried to prove the existence of the human soul by measuring the weight of a person at the moment of death. He had 6 patients, all of which experienced weight loss of an average 21 grams. That is .74 ounces for us Americans.

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