Delayering is a term used by Ian Lawton in his soul series books to describe the process of healing and energy lightening that all souls receive in order to transition into the light realms. In other words, it is the shedding of layers as the soul transitions from the physical world to the spiritual world.

Relayering is the process of taking on the emotions and strengths that a soul wants to work on or within the next incarnate life. In other words, it is the taking on of layers as the soul moves into the physical world.

The above diagram shows the “layers” or dimensions or planes of existence.

A short dictionary of death-related acronyms includes:

A PLR, Past Life Regression, occurs when a person is regressed usually through hypnosis, to experience a past life and the post life review.

A BLR, Between Lives Regression, occurs when a person is first regressed usually through hypnosis, to experience a past life and then passes into the between lives to experience various events there. These events may include meeting one’s soul guide, one’s soul group, meeting one’s council of elders, visiting the hall of records or Akashic records, visiting the post-life review room, visiting the pre-life selection room, and visiting the hall of rejuvenation.

An ADC, After Death Communication, occurs when a loved one who has crossed the veil reaches out to communicate with the living through various means such as sounds, smells, touch, and visual appearances. Read Bill and Judy Guggenheim’s Hello From Heaven.

DABDA are the 5 stages of coping with death. D – Denial, A – Anger, B – Bargaining, D – Depression, A – Acceptance. Read Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s On Death and Dying.

An NDE, Near Death Experience, occurs when due to surgery, illness, or accident, a person is biologically considered dead. During this time, s/he experiences the light however does not pass entirely through the lit tunnel but decides to return to this life to finish his/her mission. Read Raymond Moody’s Life After Life.

An OBE, Out of Body Experience, occurs when one’s consciousness leaves ones physical body and moves at will in a disembodied state. Experiences can include looking back at one’s own physical body and traveling to the Afterlife. A silver cord keeps consciousness connected to the physical body during an OBE but the cord is severed during the death process after which it cannot return without incarnating in a new body. Read Robert Monroe’s Journeys Out of the Body.

A PBC, Pre Birth Communication, occurs when an unborn being contacts the living through various means such as in dreams, the touch of an invisible presence, or a telepathic message announcing pregnancy.

A SDE, Shared Death Experience, occurs when families, friends, and medical personnel are present when a person is dying. They also are surrounded by the light, taken through the tunnel, and sometimes even take part in the life review (however they do not physically die). Read Raymond Moody’s Glimpses of Eternity.

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