This is a graphic representation of the Past Life Corridor as I visualize it. The PLC is one visualization technique used in hypnotic past life regression. Each door represents a past life. You can stand on the threshold of the door and view your past life as a movie or you can step into the room and actively participate in your past life. There are 2 doors at the end of the hall. One is the door to your preexistence (before you had any past lives) and the one on the right is the Life between Lives (aka Interlife or Between Lives). You can find information on how to access these doors through self-hypnosis techniques in the book Doors to Past Lives and Future Lives by Joe H. Slate and Carl Llewellyn Weschcke.

Preexistence is the place in the spirit world where our soul resided before we began our incarnation cycles. Joe Slate and Carl Llewellyn Weschcke talk about the preexistence in their book Doors to Past Lives & Future Lives. They list the following aspects of it:

  1. Our existence as souls has neither a beginning nor an end.
  2. The progress of souls in preexistence is forward even if there seem to be times of stuckness or regression.
  3. All the resources required for growth are available in our preexistence.
  4. Censure, punishment, and value judgments are absent in preexistence.
  5. Souls interact with many souls, including some who had previously lived on earth and some presently living on earth.
  6. Souls experience interactions with animals in the spirit world.