Lightwalker 3

Thoughts just don’t become things… They become tunnels of energetic exchanges in the form of light, love, or stress. I believe the following passages are so important, I want to quote them directly from the source, David Wilcock, The Synchronicity Key:

“Love is a very active force that generates invisible, tunnel-like structures, allowing light to be transferred across various distances. Our thoughts create these tunnels. Anytime we have a thought about someone, a tunnel is automatically created in the Source Field between us and that person, and photons begin passing through it. These photons can then be encoded with the information from our own thoughts, thus creating a practical mechanism for telepathic communication to occur.”

“Ideally, once we’ve created a tunnel between ourselves and someone else with our thoughts, the exchange of photons flows in both directions. In cases when we are healing others, we send more photons into the body of the person who needs healing, but when we absorb energy, we are actively pulling photons out of someone’s body. As soon as we direct angry thoughts at someone, a tunnel is automatically formed and we immediately begin trying to pull photons through it. To do this successfully, we have to break the other person down by causing them to feel negative emotions such as guilt, fear, shame, sadness, anger, disgust, terror, or shock. However, if the person stays in a loving but firm state and refuses to allow him- or herself to be bullied while also not indulging in negative emotions, his or her own vital energy will be protected, and nothing is lost.”

“Photons zing back and forth inside DNA at light speed until they need to be used by the body. These photons are intimately related to our level of physical health. In areas of the body that are weakened or diseased, the amount of light stored in our DNA is significantly lower or could almost be entirely absent. As we go through stress, our DNA sheds more and more of its light and quickly grows darker. When healing needs to occur, our DNA apparently releases photons so the light can go make the repairs that are needed.”

Lightwalkers seem to inherently know how to walk these tubes of light for the purpose of delivering love. “Lightwalkers” is a term that I created. It is very similar to Lightworkers, however, the former gives the visual impression of souls traveling the lightpaths that connect everything in the Universe. This is the function of a shaman. S/he can travel the energetic pathways to alternate dimensions to converse with spirit entities. A Lightwalker understands quantum physics and recognizes the existence of alternative realities. S/he is as comfortable in the 4th and 5th dimensions as in the 3rd dimension.

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