Two Spirit & Transgender Spiritual Services

A lot of time and resources are spent addressing physical and emotional issues for gender diverse individuals especially if they undergo steps to transform the physical body to a desired gender. There are many services available to support the body and mind. However, there is one aspect of transgender and gender fluid individuals that is often overlooked or ignored. That aspect is the soul.

There are many different forces that influence the creation of who we are at this moment in time. Many of them are from the physical world, such as hormones, genetics, familial nurturing, and social culture. However, there are metaphysical forces that influence us as well, including spiritual beliefs, past lives, karma, and contracts for our soul purposes.

I provide a new concept of services for the two spirit, transgender, and transsexual community. It is spiritual services that support an individual that is pre, post, or in transition. All of the services I will be discussing below can be applied to any individual regardless of identity, however, I am adapting many common ceremonies specifically to support transgender and gender fluid individuals especially while preparing for transition.

Many individuals in our Western culture may not know that these spiritual services are available. The source of these services are not based in any dogma or specific religious tradition but are generic spirituality that can augment any individual’s religious belief.

The purpose of the services is to empower gender diverse individuals by creating pride in who one is, by honoring one’s place in the world, by identifying one’s gifts, and by encouraging those gifts to be shared with the world. Many transgender folks have spent years in fear, shame, stigma, pain, isolation, and victimization. By tapping into one’s soul purpose, finding one’s spiritual path, the old painful skins can be shed and a new skin of hope, healing, and happiness can be stepped into.

The development of these services and ceremonies is designed to aid transgender and transsexual individuals in the following areas:

  1. Develop freedom from physical and emotional pain
  2. Manifest financial security
  3. Feel social acceptance
  4. Acknowledge spiritual assistance
  5. Create self-empowerment
  6. Embrace transition as the true gift it is


This section applies to anyone that is considering changing your name. Your name is an energetic sign to everyone you meet of who you are and what your identity is.  In our Western culture, this usually is marked by going to the DMV to obtain a new driver’s license. In addition, all legal documents including passport, social security, and birth certificate need to be changed. Quite often, a person will have their name legally changed by a court order.

There are many ways to choose a new name for yourself. You can do it randomly, choosing a name that you like the sound of. You can choose a name that is symbolic of something important to you. You can even go on line and find a name generator and see what comes up.

If you are really meticulous about the energy of your name, you can use numerology to design a name with specific intent or meaning. Here are a few on line sites that will help you figure out the numerology of your name choices:

What is most often overlooked is the ceremony that should go with acquiring a new name. A name is a huge identity marker. Stepping into the energy of a new name should be honored with a ritual. This ritual can be performed in solitary as a contract between you and your soul. Or it can be a ceremony in which others are present as witnesses.


As a trans person about to embark on the great transition, a Gratitude and Release Ceremony is highly recommended to aid in removing old energetic patterns and making space for new ones to come in. Gratitude is a huge part of acceptance that is necessary to bringing peace to your soul.


A rite of passage is a ritual event that marks one’s transition from one status to another. One of the biggest transitions is between childhood and initiation into adulthood. Rites of passage are also used celebrate other milestones in an individual’s life. The seven major ones in binary gender, hetero-normative society identified as:

  1. Birth
  2. Puberty
  3. Adulthood
  4. Marriage
  5. Parenthood
  6. Eldership
  7. Ancestorship (death)

A transsexual’s rite of passage stages can be quite different. The stages of rites of passages are dependent on what age transition is undertaken. In most instances, transition occurs in early to late adulthood so I have based the stages (below) on this. However, some transitions are being undergone at the actual age of 1st puberty, hence the general population’s model above can be used. The stages are:

  1. First Birth
  2. First Puberty
  3. First Adulthood
  4. Rebirth (commences with decision to transition and is accompanied with Naming Ceremony, adopting a new name)
  5. Second Puberty (commences with hormone treatment therapy)
  6. New Adulthood (commences with sex reassignment surgery if chosen)
  7. Eldership
  8. Ancestorship (death)

The Rite of Passage for a gender transitioning individual can be configured in two ways:

  • Transitioning from Girlhood to Manhood – A celebration of joining the adult male world includes a symbolic activation of fertilizing seeds. As a new father of the world, you use your masculine values to welcome your new self, standing in the fields of self-empowerment and bringing to harvest, the gifts of your soul.
  • Transitioning from Boyhood to Womanhood – A celebration of joining the adult female world includes a symbolic activation of menses. As a new mother of the world, you use your feminine values to welcome your new self into your loving arms and rebirth then nurture all the gifts of your soul.


A power animal is an animal spirit guide that watches over a person from birth. A person can have multiple power animals that serve as guides and spirit helpers. Each animal has specific traits that can be used to provide positive qualities for an individual as needed. (To read about specific attributes of power animals, refer to Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer.)

A power animal can be retrieved on a guided meditation by an experienced practitioner, by having a shaman journey for the retrieval, or by an individual journeying for his/her own animal. During a power animal retrieval journey, an animal should appear a minimum of 4 times. Power animal retrievals help restores a person’s personal power.


Soul retrieval is bringing back soul parts that have been lost, stolen, or put away for safe keeping. Soul parts may be lost in two basic ways:

  • Parts of one’s soul can be lost during traumatic events. Soul parts may be given away for safe keeping by the individual as a means of defense.
  • Parts of one’s soul may be stolen by others that want to hold a piece of someone.

The symptoms of soul loss are many and include: trauma, post traumatic stress syndrome, shock, immune deficiency problems, chronic illness, coma, chronic depression, suicidal feelings, inability to heal, inability to move forward, long term grief, addictions, disassociation, lost memories, spaciness, inability to feel, feeling lost, incomplete, stuck, dispirited, or feeling unable to move forward, like you have no control, like a part of you has died, like something in life is missing, like someone stole your soul or a part of you, or like you want to return to a person/location for no good reason, or lost something you can’t get back.

It is almost guaranteed that someone who has grown up transgender or gender fluid has put away soul pieces for safe keeping. Transition is the perfect time to bring those pieces back to fully integrate in the new lifestyle.

The benefits of a soul retrieval can be: feeling more present, feeling more connected, moving forward easier, making decisions or changes easier, or making self-improvements.

In addition, a person may be possessing soul pieces from others. During the process of soul retrieval, these bits can be released. It would make perfect sense that a transgender person may be holding soul bits of others especially individuals in the desired gender that one aspires to.


The mechanics of body part retrieval is similar to those of soul retrieval however instead of bringing lost soul pieces back to the client for integration, the energetic imprint of specific body parts are united with the client for integration.

This procedure is designed to bring in the desired body part before sex reassignment surgery. For example, an MTF (male-to-female) may want to release a penis and “call in” a new vagina. Or a FTM (female-to-male) may want to release breasts and “call in” a new penis.

I believe in the case of a pre-op transsexual that the desired body parts already reside within the energy body. During a body part retrieval those energetic parts would be “pulled down into” the physical body, creating an imprint for the actual physical manifestation to occur through surgical procedure. This ceremony makes the integration of the energy body and physical body a conscious process as well as providing a celebration of the incorporation of wholeness between body and mind

In addition, this pre-surgical ceremony includes making the chakras and aura healthy and strong which will aid in post-surgical healing.


A past life regression (PLR) is a therapeutic process accessing the unconscious memory of birth and past lives through hypnosis. Discovering past lives can give information and understanding often not found in this lifetime. It is also an effective way to heal past trauma by transforming the way we remember core issues.

A hypnotherapist trained in past life regression is an excellent facilitator in helping a person journey to other lives. The main reason a transgender client may want to explore past lives is to discover karma, contracts, and vows created in past lives that profoundly affect this life or have set the stage to come in as a transgender body.

A between lives regression (BLR) is a visit to the 5th dimension, spirit world, or after life space that we live in when we are not incarnated. This experience is also facilitated through a hypnotic state. The between lives state is where we meet our spirit guides and teachers and other members of our soul group. Some of the reasons to visit the between lives dimension is to discover pre-life contracts and agreements, one’s purpose for this lifetime, and one’s overall soul purpose.


I have identified the following common energetic themes for transgender, transsexual, and gender fluid (TG/TS/GF) individuals.

  • The physical body is not grounded. Often someone who is TG/TS/GF does not really like their physical body so they do not spend a lot of time in it. Perhaps they only partially inhabit the physical body, for example from the waist up or the neck up. Instead they tend to spend a lot of time in their heads. Not being grounded in the physical body can leave an individual vulnerable to accidents and other problems.
  •  Energy boundaries may be weak or damaged. Rejecting the physical body that does not match the energetic body and wishing for another physical body weakens the boundaries of the body, leaving it susceptible to invasion by foreign energy such as entities or seeds that can develop into disease. In addition, energetic bodies may have sustained rips, tears, and dents from life events that are in need of repair.
  •  Hyper-vigilance is strong. The 3rd eye, the home of intuition, of a TG/TS/GF individual is wide open due to learning the skills of hyper-vigilance and empathy at a young age. Hyper-vigilance is further developed from reading how others read yourself.
  •  Holding shame creates low self-esteem. TG/TS/GF individuals are shunned, stared at, and whispered about beginning in early childhood. A lifetime of being stigmatized creates feelings of worthlessness and deserving to be unloved.
  •  Preferred genitalia really are present. Others may not see your genitals physically manifested but you know they exist energetically. As Shirley Maclaine often says: “The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.” The body of your choice does exist in an energetic state.
  •  There is no such thing as “being born in the wrong body”. The root origins that make a person TG/TS/GF are varied and multi-dimensional but the most important influence is that of past lives. There are no accidents or coincidences in the universe. Being TG/TS/GF is a part of the pre-birth contract that was created for this incarnation and may be related to a karmic lesson.

As a certified hypnotherapist and trained shamanic energy medicine practitioner and teacher, I can provide energy medicine exercises, healing sessions, and regression sessions that will assist individuals in all of the above themes.

You can request a full-length article on Trans-Spiritual Services, by going to DrakeInnerprizes.com/soulstore.htm.

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