Gender Blender

The soul in spirit form is androgynous. It has no sex, hormones, or biological tendencies that are associated with the physical form. Advanced souls are androgynous possessing the perfect balance of yin and yang. All souls experience both male and female lives when incarnated in the physical form. Living in both genders helps the soul develop androgyny. In the end, everyone probably lives 50% of their lives as male and 50% as female.

The gender of a specific lifetime may be chosen based on the following criteria: to fulfill a specific purpose, for a specific timing, to be sexually available or unavailable to a specific mate, to provide an experience out of the norm, or for physical/genetic reasons.

A series of lives may be lived in one gender until it is necessary to changeover in order to establish balance. This transition is not likely to be easy and some believe that transgender or gay lifetimes are a result of the incarnated soul transitioning from one gender to another.

A spirit guide may appear as either male or female, depending on the gender-specific need for the soul in the current incarnation. A spirit guide may appear as neither male or female if the incarnated soul is being applauded for being balanced or the spirit guide is suggesting that the incarnated soul focus more on a gender-balanced lifestyle.

Gender blending is the blurring or breaking down of gender divisions. Gender expression of male and female attributes become points along a continuum instead of polar opposites. The old binary, limited-to-two-gender choices, belief system is beginning to collapse. Of course, many Native American tribes knew this long before the white people arrived in North America. Most of the tribes had 3rd gender cultures and honored the 3rd gender individuals as powerful medicine people and big contributors to society.

A startling example of this is Facebook’s recent addition of 58 gender options for users. The choices are now male, female, and custom. If you click on “custom”, you can type in your identity. To get a full list of all 58 titles, read the article at this link:


Wikipedia also has a list of alternate gender identities at:


The day may soon arrive when we will have more than two gender options to check on forms and it will be correct etiquette to ask people during introductions, not only what their preferred name is, but their preferred pronoun when being addressed.

I am writing a book, Soul Sex: The Alchemy of Sex and Gender, that greatly expands on all aspects of gender and sexual identities. It is due to be published later this year.

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