Sip on the sweet nectar of love, its what makes the world bloom

How many times have you heard that you must love yourself before you can be loved? What is really meant by this statement is that you must feel worthy of love to give yourself permission to be loved.

Then how many times have you heard that we must love unconditionally.What is unconditional love? First, what it is not. It is not romantic, fluffy, flowery words to be thrown about at leisure. It is instead these practical policies of:

  • Being in service to others
  • Not forcing your will on others
  • Nurturing and mentoring others
  • Having empathy and sympathy for others
  • Not profiling or forming prejudices and stereotypes of others
  • Treating others as you believe the loving Great Spirit Creator would treat them
  • A knowledge that we are all unique individuals but all related by the divine in all of us
  • Recognizing each individual’s gift to the world and encouraging the expression of that gift

Move from the fear zone on the victim's triangle to the love zone on the thriver's triangle

So how do we transition our incarnate Ego into unconditional love? I believe it involves moving out of the fear zone and into the love zone. There are only two human emotions: love and fear. It is fear, and not hate, that is the polar opposite of love, because it is fear of the unknown that is the core cause of prejudices. We can become thrivers by spending as much time as possible living in the love zone.

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