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Feel like a 5th wheel?

Do you feel like a 5th Wheel? Chances are real good that you are a starseed.

Starseeds are beings from other planets, star systems, or galaxies. The motivations for all starseeds to come to Earth are to assist and serve. We all are starseeds in that the human body is extraterrestrial in terms of its building blocks such as DNA etc. However, there are starseeds coming to the planet now in great numbers because Earth is in great need of being saved from destruction.

There are 3 categories of starseeds:

Typical starseeds may have lived 5-50 life times on Earth. They retain some of their extraterrestrial abilities such as healing, telepathy, channeling and other higher consciousness qualities.

Old soul starseeds have had hundreds of life times on earth. They have strong links to Sirius. Their life missions are tied into the long term evolution of earth and humanity. They often perform the roles of spiritual teachers, shamans, prophets, light workers, temple guardians, healers, and leaders.

New starseeds have had few or no previous lifetimes on earth. The new starseeds are young and can be identified as crystal, indigo, rainbow, blue-ray, and millennium children:

Star children are children who have been sent here from all areas of the universe to help the earth and the people on it. The labels given to these Lightworkers accurately describe their aura colors and energy patterns.

Here are some characteristics of each type:

Influx: 1970-1990
Operate from Chakra: 3rd Eye (mostly)
Aura Color: Indigo

Born: 1980s
Operate from Chakra: Throat
Aura Color: Blue

Born: 1980-2010
Influx: 1990-2010
Operate from Chakra: Crown (mostly)
Aura Color: Opalescent with multi-colored pastel hues

Born: 2000-2030
Predicted Influx: 2010-2030
Operate from Chakra: Heart with centered power energy
Aura Color: All colors of the rainbow

Starseeds, lightworkers, and star children have distinctive qualities, but they all have one quality in common and that is: they feel like a 5th wheel. They feel alone, out of place, unique, and have difficulty fitting in to traditional Earth cultures.

So if you feel like the 5th Wheel on the Wheel of Life just let it drive you to find new roads. You are here to share your gifts with the world and to assist in the transformation and healing of the planet.

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