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It over a year since the consciousness shift began in December 2012. As a result many of us are naturally shifting our spiritual perspectives. It may also be a time to shift our sexual perspectives as well and perhaps even wed our sexual activities with our spiritual practices.

The subject of sacred sex should not be taboo because it is an expression of love – love for another, love for one’s self, and even just the love of sex.

First let’s define what we mean by making love for the purposes of this article. When two people feel an affinity or powerful love towards each other, they want to express their love through touch. If the chemistry is right, especially in the limerence* stage, a couple may have the feeling of wanting to physically merge, swallow up the partner, or be swallowed up by the partner.

*Limerence was defined by psychologist Dorothy Tennov to describe the near-obsessional form of romantic love. It is the involuntary cognitive and emotional state of intense romantic desire for another person. It is experienced in the initial stages of a new relationship.


The ancient Greeks identified 5 different types of love:

1.   Eros – Romantic & Sexual
2.   Philia – Friendship
3.   Storge – Kinship
4.   Agape – Divine
5.   Xenia – Hospitality

The Chinese identified yet another category call Ren, which is benevolent love that focuses on duty, action and attitude. In Judaism, Chesed is a form of love described as loving-kindness. Impersonal love is a love for objects, causes, principles, or goals.


Sexual Energy is one of the most powerful energies humans can generate, reflect, and absorb. However, Sexual Energy doesn’t always have to be used for the sexual act or for the goal of orgasm. Many Eastern practices discuss the tantra of love, sex, and yoga. Many of these practices defer the moment of orgasm. Sexual energy can be diverted to be used in creativity, play, prayer, manifesting desires, and making affirmations.

Sex isn’t only about inserting Tab A into slot B. Much more is happening on the energetic level. In fact two individuals can merge energetically not even involving the merging of the physical bodies. The energetic body can be caressed, massaged, and made love to.

Think about how couples make love that do not have physical body parts that work together. The making of love takes place energetically and emotionally. For more information on how to transform your sexual life into a broader experience that includes the energy body, you may want to purchase the DVD, Path of the Sexual Shaman: Teachings on Energy, Orgasm, and Wisdom, available at http://sexualshaman.com/description.html#DPSS.

When the two energies of sexuality and spirituality are combined with one intention and one action, a tremendous amount of energy can be generated and released. The intention becomes the energetic expression and the action becomes the physical expression. This form can be used in solo sex or sex with partners. Think about releasing a wish to manifest something into the Universe with the energy of an orgasm!

In Judaism, the Shekhina is the Divine Feminine, the feminine aspects of G-d. At the beginning of the Shabbath, two candles are lit by the woman of the home, kindling great arousal in the upper world. It is a mitzvah (good deed) for a Kabbalist to make love to his wife on the Shabbath. This act of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine uniting makes G-d one [whole and balanced]. As above, so below. As it is on Earth, so it is in Heaven.

If you would like to explore your sexuality in safe and sacred space, here are a few ways:

  1. Participate in erotic massage exchanges
  2. Learn Tantric Yoga
  3. Go to Sex Therapy
  4. Use a Surrogate Sex Partner
  5. Hire a Sacred Intimate


A Sacred Intimate is a professional that works erotically and energetically with those seeking healing, guidance or transformation in their erotic and spiritual lives. The primary gifts a Sacred Intimate contributes are Presence and Service. They are of service by: listening deeply, doing whatever is asked (within their power), performing emotional clearing, fulfilling fantasies, countering negative self-talk with affirmations, and erotic healing. A Sacred Intimate helps others remove the stigma and shame from sex and associated body parts. The Sacred Intimate provides a safe and sacred space to heal, teach, and help others explore their sexual issues.

Some of their work may include: intentional hugs, erotic massage, role play, bondage, sacred S&M play or any other things that will meet the needs of the client while not crossing the professional and personal boundaries of the Sacred Intimate. Sacred Intimate work is about healing, reclaiming, rejoicing and celebrating beautiful erotic spirit.

A Sacred Intimate has been called by many names: Erotic Priest, Priest of Love, Sacred Prostitute, Qadishtu, Heriodule, Heteratae, Courtesan, Friends with Benefits, Healer, Sexual Shaman, Sex Worker, Sex Therapist, and Sensual Masseur.


In any encounter between two people there should be consent and agreement on what the ground rules are. Too many rules will restrict your freedom of expression, but a few basic ones will protect the participants involved. An agreement on the ground rules provides a safe and sacred place have sex. Sacred Sex rules are:

  1. Follow the Wicca Rede of Respect: If it harms none, do what you will.
  2. Exorcise shame.
  3. Go with the flow of the heart.
  4. Use the mind as an erogenous zone, not as a referee or judge.
  5. What happens in “intimacy” stays in “intimacy”. Keep your interaction sacred by not gossiping about it to others.

It is important to keep your own energy systems pure. Daily practices of grounding and protection is a must. In addition, carefully consider who you choose to exchange intimate energy with. There are two acceptable motives for intimate energy exchanges (IEE):

  1. You are with a partner of equal or higher energetic vibration.
  2. You are with a partner of lower energetic vibration as an act of service. In other words, you are volunteering to be with them for teaching or giving motives.


When most people think about making love, they picture manifesting that love with their physical bodies. However, there is another body to consider in the use of love expression and that is the energy body.

If you would like to increase your receptiveness to energy or feel it more effectively, here are 3 exercises that may help:

  1. Practice with yourself: Rub the palms of your hands together a half dozen times to awaken your hand chakras. Now hold your hands in front of you, palms facing toward each other and spread about 3’ apart. Slowly begin to move the palms toward each other. Note the subtle differences in the energy.
  2. Choose a crystal and run it from your crown chakra to your base chakra. Note the feeling of energy movement in your body.
  3. Practice with a partner: Have another person lie horizontally. Now do a body scan by holding your open hand, palm down, over your partner’s base chakra. Note what you feel. Try to detect the shape and condition of the chakra with your hand. Now move up to the next chakra and complete this scan for all 7 chakras

The mind is the most erotic organ you your body. That is why fantasy is so powerful. So making love energetically consists of using your mind to:

  1. Set intention. Your intention will involve what you want to experience with your partner.
  2. Set attention. Focus on the energetic exchange more than on the specific body parts.

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