Lightworker 5

WWLWD? Before reacting, think What Would a Light Worker Do?

Lightworkers are old souls who have come back to Earth to be in service helping others rise to a higher dimension or state of consciousness. Lightworkers have lived many lives as monks, nuns, hermits, psychics, witches, shamans, priests/priestesses, etc. in which they were deeply involved with spirituality. Lightworkers have learned these concepts well:

  1. Great Spirit/Source/Creator is Energy
  2. Everything is made of Energy
  3. We all have the Great Spirit/Source/Creator within us so we are all connected
  4. Unconditional Love, the purest form of Energy, is the greatest healer of all

Lightworkers have a strong drive to spread light, love, knowledge, freedom, and empowerment.  They are attracted to spirituality, psychic work, counseling, mentoring, teaching, and energy work. All of this work contributes to the general rise in consciousness on the planet.

A wayshower is a lightworker that walks her/his talk. One who embodies the qualities that s/he wishes others to assume. Their light and energetic life-force can be assimilated by all who meet them. A wayshower is a person who lives at the highest level of ethical and divine qualities and is willing to share it with others.

Dedicated to their mission, lightworkers often feel different from other people. Nearly always solitary individuals, they are traveling their own unique path.

The Lightworker Prayer: Let my light be a beacon for you to find your way to my heart.

Lightworker 1

The Lightworker Motto: Do bee a Lightworker. Don’t bee a Darkworker.
Pollinate every living thing with your Light and in so doing sip the sweet nectar of Love.

Lightworker 4

A Lightworker Proverb: Light your fires before this life expires.

Lightworker 2

A Lightworker Tip: Don’t tame your flame. Let it glow wild!

Lightworker 6

A Lightworker Affirmation: If I must die before I wake, let me be a lightworker reincarnate.

Lightworker 8

Lightworkers Unite! Share your Light with the World.

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