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Gratitude Jar

Affirmations are positive statements of acceptance and manifestation. By repeatedly vocalizing them, affirmation statements can shift the beliefs of the conscious and unconscious mind. These statements are released to the Universe to be fulfilled. Affirmations can be considered a form of prayer.

The theory of how affirmations work is that Thoughts Become Things. Scientists have observed this phenomena in working with quantum physics. Everything in the universe, including our thoughts, is energy. We can influence energy by our observations. If our observations come from an open, loving heart then they are positive and will have a positive influence on our world.

Each time you hear that voice in your head being negative, doubtful, or questioning, gently veer it back on course by saying an affirmation. Over time you will banish the negative thinking all together.

How to write good affirmations:

  1. Always use the present tense and the first person.
  2. Never use negatives in affirmations.
  3. Keep them short but very specific. Remember that you are going to get what you ask for.
  4. Believe. The more you believe, the stronger the affirmation.
  5. Be repetitive and persistent.

How to implement affirmations:

  1. Speak or sing your affirmations each day.
  2. Record your affirmations and play them back while awake or sleeping. (You might also try affirmation software that is available at http://www.gotvision.com)
  3. Write your affirmations down. Review them regularly. Post them in prominent places.
  4. Journal your affirmations and experiences. Record affirmation successes.
  5. Visualize your affirmations as living pictures. Visualize your affirmations as if they are true now. Visualization really amps up the power of your affirmations.
  6. Create a vision board by pasting pictures of what you are affirming on a board.
  7. Take actions toward receiving your affirmation.
  8. And very importantly, give gratitude for all the blessings that have arrived and all the blessings still on their way to you.

When affirmations don’t seem to work and you believe you have done your very best, consider these reasons:

  1. What you are trying to manifest is still on its way. The timing is not yet quite right for its arrival. Or this affirmation may not be in alignment with your highest good at this time.
  2. The subconscious may still have some hidden agenda that is blocking your way. (Try some hypnosis to communicate with the subconscious.)
  3. More clearing or personal work is needed to clear the way for your affirmation to manifest.
  4. You may have a contract from a past life or your pre-life selection plan that is blocking the incoming manifestation.

One of the very best ways to manifest your desires is to be in a state of gratitude. You can give gratitude for blessings already received or for those still on their way. One great way keep gratitude in your consciousness is to start a Gratitude Jar.

1. Buy or decorate a container (jar or box).
2. Whenever you have something to be grateful for or every time something good happens, write it on a slip of paper and pop it in the container.
3. At any time you might feel down or discouraged, pull a paper out of your jar and re-experience the gratitude and joy you had.
4. Periodically, perhaps once a year, perform a ceremony of opening the jar and reading all of the wonderful things in your life that you are grateful for.

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