Ever look into a young child’s eyes and feel as though they are looking deeply into your soul? Perhaps they are… Children have a remarkable number of spontaneous memories from past lives. This is due to at least two factors:

1. They have just recently incarnated so memories of the between lives and past lives are very fresh and real.

2. They spend most of their time in the alpha-wave brain frequency (a light trance state).

The difficult thing for them is that they may have memories but they do not have the language skills to articulate them. Instead, some children act them out in dreams, nightmares, temper tantrums, allergies, and illnesses.

Between the ages of 5 and 7 they start to move into the beta-wave brain frequency (normal waking consciousness) so past life memories decrease. In addition, they are better able to discern this lifetime from other lifetimes. And if they are living in a family that does not believe in reincarnation, they will learn to suppress all past life memories and discussions about them.

And, sadly, by the time most young children transition to adulthood, they lose the ability to look you deeply in the eyes and really see you. I believe the ability gets buried in defense mechanisms acquired through programming and life experiences.

I relentlessly search faces of unknown people whenever I am in public, looking for eyes that might connect and souls that might recognize each other. I remember vividly every single encounter I have had with another soul who has looked so deeply into my eyes, I know they have acknowledged my soul. I remember every encounter no matter how many years ago it happened. Most of these encounters were brief, just a moment in time as virtual strangers, we passed one another. Virtual perhaps but I feel there is a deep, deep knowing of each other. I am puzzled by these glimpses of souls we must have known in another lifetime or in the between lives. Do these encounters become lost connections we are not supposed to pursue during this life even though we recognize each other? Or are they possibly connections that will happen sometime in the future when the time is just ripe? I am hoping whichever it is, that we may meet up again somewhere down the road.

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