Die Today

According to Caris Palm Turpen, there are 7 levels of karmic debt. About 80% of the karmic debt worked with in a lifetime are on the lower levels (1- 4). The higher the level of karmic debt, the longer it may take to balance, even taking as long as multiple lifetimes.

LEVEL 1: Debt is created by simple exchanges that can be balanced in the same day.
LEVEL 2: Debt is created by interruption of others’ daily flow.
LEVEL 3: Debt is created by interruption to others’ emotional attachments such as people, pets, or material items.
LEVEL 4: Debt is created by interruption to others’ personal power, attacks to others’ security or identity.
LEVEL 5: Debt is created by interruption to others’ expression of who they are, including murder, career or financial ruin.
LEVEL 6: Debt is created by interruption to others’ freedom and integrity, including libel or slander that ruins others’ reputation, jailing the innocent, political imprisonment, slavery, maiming, and war deaths.
LEVEL 7: Debt is created by interruption to others’ personal knowingness and ability to connect with the greater universe. It includes doing harm to a greater number of beings in the role of a spiritual con wo/man and suppressing supporters with falsehoods while in the role of leader.

All of the karmic levels involve exerting one’s will on another’s soul. Those so-called spiritually-driven individuals that believe it is their obligation to proselytize, convert, and coerce others into their belief systems seem to be at risk of violating the highest levels of karma.

Even though we humans are made of the same energy as the Great Spirit/Creator/Source, while incarnated we have too many human characteristics such as ego and limited vision to be passing judgments on other souls. Is it not ego that thinks we should have the power to supersede whatever journey a soul has chosen to travel in this lifetime? That journey is a contract sacred to the individual soul, his/her spirit guides, and the Creator.

I believe this hierarchy of karma is suggesting that everyone needs to look to their own personal journey instead of judging others’ journeys. But I also believe that all souls must incur karma and pay back karmic debt from all levels in order to evolve to the status of a wise soul.

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