Learning process and Intuitive process

Taking mind-altering substances (MAS) is a personal choice and I respect every individual’s freedom to choose. However, I believe that this choice should be made by a fully informed adult. In this short article, I will present some reasons why MAS may not be the path of choice for individuals that are seeking higher vibrations and consciousness. Mind altering substances include the following:

  • Recreational Drugs Too many to list here, I define a recreational drug as a MAS that is not being taken for medical reasons.
  • Spiritual Drugs (Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Peyote, etc.) Many plants have powerful medicine and many people have had very profound experiences when taken for spiritual purposes. They drastically alter perception. If you do choose to try these, definitely do so with a reliable, trained expert in a safe and sacred environment. There are alternative natural paths to consciousness work that are slower but can take you to the same place. Examples are meditation, hypnosis, journeying, and ecstatic work.
  • Prescription Drugs I am NOT recommending that anyone stop medicines prescribed by the medical profession. The choice to take these medicines resides with you and your medical professional. I merely list them here because they do alter the mind and affect the body.
  • Alcohol Drinking alcohol has a huge effect on our consciousness. Alcohol definitely numbs the emotions. That is one reason that many people “self-medicate” with alcohol.
  • Tobacco Considered to be a very sacred plant by Native Americans, this plant is used in ceremony. However, to use it recreationally every day is addictive and abusive to the honor of the plant.
  • Sugar and Caffeine These food additives are addictive and affect the physical body.

Here are 5 ideas to consider when choosing whether to use or abstain from MAS:

  1. Users’ energetic vibration is slowed or lowered. An example I will share is: I had a lover who came home after drinking some wine. We never drank when together and making love was powerful not only on the physical level but on the energetic level. That night, with my lover under the influence of the wine, the energetic connection was missing between us. It felt to me like we were connecting through a glass jar. I suppose if both people drink the effect of the alcohol would not be nearly as noticeable.
  2. Users become vulnerable to psychic attack from lower level entities. When under the influence of MAS, an individual is susceptible and open to low level entities that are searching for a home. Low level entities love to hang out at bars and other places if drug and alcohol use.
  3. Users’ intuition and perceptions become distorted or dulled. When the mind is in an altered state, intuitive ability is stunted. The way in which truth is experienced is through perception. When perception is altered, the truth that is seen may not be accurate.
  4. Users’ bridges between the conscious, sub-conscious, unconscious, and super-conscious become distorted or clogged. How information travels through the levels of consciousness is shown in the diagram above. There are bridges that connect these levels of consciousness. When the mind is altered by drugs, these bridges are much less effective at doing their jobs.
  5. Users easily become dependent on substances, which creates karma that will eventually need to be balanced. Any need or desire will keep the karma loop in motion. In order for the soul to be free it cannot be dependent on any addictions.

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