Spirit Releasement

Unfortunately, most of us were not educated about entities as we were growing up. Most people try to avoid the subject because of its unpleasantness and scariness. However, the best way to deal with entities is to be completely informed and then to face them. They only have power over you if you give them permission to.

Awareness is the best defense! Being aware of and actively protecting yourself through intention is the best way to stay entity free. Each of us has control over our own personal space consisting of the physical and energetic bodies. When we are not feeling completely empowered and passionate, then we become susceptible to entities.

The best way to determine if you have an entity in your physical or energy body is to have a session with a spirit releasement expert. Most shamanic practitioners and many hypnotherapists are trained to do this work. In this short article I will present a process for you to release any entities that you suspect are in your space. If you feel you were not successful, then make an appointment with a shamanic practitioner or healer that works in spirit releasement.


There are many types of spirits and entities. Some of them are positive and supporting of you. These are ones that will never try to exert their will on you or your path. They support you from outside of your energetic body. Others that are not positive are at best in a symbiotic relationship with you or at worst are using your resources for their benefit. These entities will infiltrate your energy body and can cause all types of symptoms (as listed in the next section). Here is a list of spirits and entities:

  • Allies: Muses, Archetypes, Shining Ones, Collective Unconscious
  • Ancestors & Relatives
  • Animal Spirits: Messenger Animals, Shadow Animals, Journey Animals, Life Animals, Power Animals
  • Ascended Masters & Avatars
  • Beings: Discarnate, Incarnate, & Inter-dimensional
  • Constructs & Projections
  • Devas & Nature Spirits
  • Elementals & Fairies/Faeries
  • Fallen Angels or Demons
  • Ghosts, Phantoms, & Poltergeists
  • The Great Spirit/Source/Creator & Deities
  • Higher Self, Inner Child, Past Self, and Future Self
  • Intergalactic and Extra-terrestrial Beings
  • Master Teachers & Teacher Guides: Healers, Protectors, Runners, Messengers, Alchemists, Guardians, Door or Gate Keepers, Controllers, Joy Guides
  • Saints, Angels, Guardian Angels, Archangels
  • Personal Spirit Guides
  • Soul Relationships: Soul Mate, Twin Soul, Twin Flame, Spiritual Mate, Cosmic Soul, Causal Soul, Companion Soul


Here is a list of symptoms that might be a result of entity possession. Muscle testing can be used to determine whether your symptom is related to entity possession. If you have been to Western medical practitioners and they have ruled out physical dis-ease, then the chances are even greater you have at least one entity “on board”.

  • Low energy level
  • Character shifts or mood swings
  • Abuse of drugs, including alcohol
  • Impulsive and compulsive behavior
  • Memory problems and poor concentration
  • Migraine headaches
  • Panic or anxiety attacks
  • Night terrors and nightmares
  • Icy cold feeling
  • Anomalous sexual behavior
  • Clenched knot feeling
  • Depression
  • Suicidal
  • Shaking and trembling
  • Pessimism
  • Loss of confidence
  • Victim mentality
  • Multiple personalities
  • Visitations at night
  • Fears and phobias
  • Feelings of depersonalization or dissociation (not feeling like oneself)
  • Personality changes
  • Hearing inner voices (usually negative)
  • Unexplained or unusual negative emotions/thoughts
  • Social withdrawal
  • Lingering grief after loved ones pass over
  • Symptoms that occur suddenly with no explanation (physical/mental/emotional)
  • A feeling of being watched / Not being alone
  • Person using pronoun “we” when talking
  • Unexplained physical problems such as pain from an undetermined cause
  • New phobias or aversions
  • New allergies
  • New food cravings or taste preferences
  • New attitudes or prejudices
  • Serious illness of unknown cause
  • Sudden onset of anxiety or depression
  • Sudden onset of physical problems with no obvious cause
  • Sudden weight gain especially after surgery or a traumatic event
  • Sudden changes in behavior such as increased anger, depression and thoughts of suicide
  • Sudden cravings for alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc. especially after surgery or a traumatic event.


If you suspect you have an entity and cannot get to a professional, try this procedure. If you don’t have an entity, there is nothing to lose by performing this process.

1. Prepare Yourself – Remove distractions from your mind. Sit peacefully in a quiet place. Stare at a candle or close your eyes. Speak aloud or mentally. You can call in Reiki energies, angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, and power animals for assistance. You can create a column of light to vacuum or cleanse the many layers of your energy field and body. Imagine that all rips or tears of your energy bubble are repaired, the energy blockages removed, and cords no longer needed are released.

2. Discovery – Identify which type of attachment it is? Earthbound entity, a non-human entities, or a mind fragment from a past life? Ask the spirit what its name is, how it manifests in the body, when it became attached, and why it chose to attach.

3. Dialogue – Help the human spirit by giving it incentive to move on. Mentally direct lost souls towards helpers on the other side and/or instruct the lost soul to head for the Light. It is unethical to force an entity to the Light against their will. Most of the time love, support, and education will help them decide to go. Show non-human entities how to use their own spark to overcome fear of the Light. Say:

  • If there are spirits who do not belong here, listen to me. I know where you can go to have, be, or do anything you want. We both want the perfect home for you where you will be safe and happy. [Co-create the perfect place for the entity to go. You may need to spend some time convincing the entity they must leave.]
  • If you don’t like it there you can leave. The only thing you can’t do is come back to me or my house. I’m clearing myself and my house now and putting up protection. If you are someone I love, I know I can visit you and you can look out for me from there.
  • We’re going to do this right now. Think of the perfect place for you. Think whether you want a others there to welcome you or if you want to be alone and find your own way. When I count to 3 you will be there: 1-2-3.


4. Release – The Spirit may go to the Light or may go to another place in another dimension where they will be comfortable. Have them notice any familiar or trustworthy guides (such as angels) that come to meet them and guide them.

5. Sealing with Energy– Once the entity has moved, immediately visualize yourself filling with White Light that fills up your physical body and energetic body. Also visualize a grounding cord running from the root chakra into Mother Earth. Perform Reiki on yourself. Drink plenty of water. You may even want to take a shower or Epsom salt bath. Rest and relax for the rest of the day.

6. Integration – Ongoing personal work will insure that you stay entity-free. As part of this work, a soul retrieval is highly recommended. How you feel after an extraction and how long it takes to recover varies greatly with each individual. Allow a week to pass and if your symptoms persist, consult a professional healer for assistance.

Here is a short list of very quick and easy ways to protect yourself. The best defense is to maintain a daily practice that is simple and easy but effective for you.

  • Setting your intention and placing your attention.
  • Avoid places where lower level energy entities hang out.
  • Fold your arms across your solar plexus, cross your ankles.
  • Hold up a shield or mirror (physical or visualized).
  • Stand under a shower or visualize a shower of light.
  • Smudge yourself with sagebrush, spray yourself with Florida water and/or burn a joss stick.
  • Carry a mental sword of protection.
  • Carry black tourmaline, amber, or black obsidian.
  • Use a rattle, Tibetan bowl, or symbols.
  • Ground yourself and surroundings daily.
  • Run Reiki or Earth energy.
  • Strengthen and/or adjust the size of your aura and adjust your chakras. Electrify the outer edges of your aura.
  • Cloak your light with a black all-enveloping veil.
  • Call on your guardian or your power animal to accompany you.
  • Anchor your grounding cord deep into the Earth.
  • To stop unwanted channeling cover your crown chakra and close all your chakras.

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