#1: Have You Squeezed Your Shaman Today?
The word “shaman” comes from Siberia and means a spiritual healer or “one who sees in the dark”. The word “shaman” is now applied universally to a group of medicine people in various cultures around the world. Shamans fulfill multiple roles as healers, priests/priestesses, psychotherapists, mystics, doctors, and storytellers. The basic functions of a shaman are:
1. Using divination methods to determine cause of dis-ease, location of food sources, and other information.
2. Journeying to other worlds (dimensions) to communicate with helping spirits.
3. Performs spiritual healing which may include soul retrievals, restoral of lost power, removal of energetic imprints and blocks, and extracting energy that does not serve or belong.

#2: Have Drum Will Journey.
The drum and the rattle facilitate the shaman’s journey into trance state and provide the portal to visit different dimensions. Shamans journey to the spirit realm by entering a theta level trance state of consciousness. The trance state can be successfully entered into by listening to a drum beat frequency of 4 beats-per-second for at least 15 minutes. This is a consistent beat of between 205 to 220 beats per minute.

#3: Shamans Do It With Totems.
A totem is a spirit being, sacred object, or symbol that serves as a representation of a group, such as a family, clan, lineage, or tribe. Often power animals are called totems as the animal represents not a specific animal but all of the characteristics of the group soul of an animal. Tutelary spirits are guides and/or protectors.

#4: A Shaman’s Other Vehicle is a Spirit Canoe.
When shamans journey as a group, they often travel to non-ordinary realities in a spirit canoe. The journey may involve singing, drumming, and rattling. The original purpose of a spirit canoe ceremony was to do a soul retrieval to restore power to a client. Today the ceremony is done for different purposes.

#5: A Good Smudge Clears the Air.
Use white sage to clear energies, Palo Santo to heal energies, and sweetgrass to add good energies. Florida water and even rose water are good smokeless smudges.

#6: Shamans are Spirit Whisperers.
In fact, shamans are known to work with a lot of spirits and even have specific ones on their “staff” of helpers.

#7: Medicine Bag: Manifest Thy Magic: Protect and Heal. Aho!
This is a quick but powerful little prayer to say when you put on your medicine bag. Medicine bags can have any sacred objects in them that you want. I have many and they all have Plant People (like sage and cornmeal) and Stone People (like crystals) but may also have other power items depending on the intent of the bag.

#8: When Spirit calls the Shaman answers. When the Shaman calls Spirit answers.
I learned this in my shamanic training. It is one of the most basic but important lessons for a shamanic practitioner.

#9: Caution! Shamans are Rattlers.
A rattle has multiple purposes. It is used for healing rituals with clients, assisting the shaman to go into trance state, and to gently call in the ancestral and tutelary spirits.

#10: Got unwanted energy? Call a Shaman to track it and extract it.
Unwanted energies can exist in many forms such as past life scars, entities in your personal energy space, and other forms of psychic intrusions. Shamans are not only trained to deal with these but can teach you protection techniques as well. So if you are not quite “feeling yourself”, you might consult a shamanic practitioner.

#11: Have Medicine Wheel Will Travel.
The medicine wheel is not only a physical representation of a circle or cycle in the 3rd dimension, but it is also a state of being or consciousness that indigenous peoples embrace. The medicine wheel includes the separate dimensions of south, west, north, east, center, below, and above which all have their own unique energetic perspective. Traveling around the medicine wheel the first time is an incredibly transformative journey. Once around, however, we may stand at the center of the wheel in full balance but will still need to travel to different directions as new challenges and lessons appear on the horizon.

#12: Heart & Soul Retrievals Done Here.
A soul may sever pieces when experiencing a traumatic event. These pieces may be left at the scene of the trauma or moved to a safe place. Also, some individuals, acting out of envy, jealousy, unrequited love, lack of security, etc, may take soul pieces from another soul. A shaman can detect when these pieces are ready to return, journey to other dimensions to retrieve them, and reintegrate them into a client’s physical and energetic body.

#13: Sacred Tobacco: Carries Your Prayers to Spirit.
Tobacco is a sacred medicine for many peoples of the Americas. Tobacco amplifies and carries prayers and intentions to Great Spirit. Tobacco is also used to express commitment and extract negativity in spiritual healings.

#14: Shamans are called to Service. They don’t volunteer.
Shamanic cultures usually consider a shaman “called to service” if one of the following occurs:
1. They survive a strike by lightning.
2. They survive a serious physical or emotional illness.
3. They survive a murder attempt or a suicide attempt without intervention.
4. The recover from severe drug or alcohol addiction.
5. They experience a Near Death Experience.
6. They are called directly by the spirits through dreams and visions usually undertaken in intense solitude and fasting.

#15: Psychopomp Shamans Guide Souls thru the Light.
A psychopomp is a guide that assists souls as they cross from life to death. Functions performed by psychopomps include reciting a guidebook to the dying; chanting and praying during the dying process, listening to confessions and life reviews of the dying; assisting in recapitulation and forgiveness processing of the dying; giving the dying permission to die; assisting the soul as it exits the physical body; sealing the chakras after the soul has permanently left the physical body; and assisting the soul to cross completely into the Light when it is ready.

#16: Shamans Travel the Tree of Life to Visit Other Dimensions.
Shamanic cosmology recognizes three other dimensions called worlds:
MIDDLE WORLD: Everyday Consciousness of the Earth Realms. This is the world we live in. There are two aspects: Ordinary Reality [OR] (what the 5 senses can perceive) and Non-ordinary Reality [NOR] (what ordinary consciousness does not readily perceive).
LOWER WORLD: Subconsciousness of the Lower Realms. This is the home of the deepest regions of the psyche, power animals and other helping spirit guides, and healing/creative powers.
UPPER WORLD: Superconsciousness of the Sky Realms. This is the place of divine inspiration and cosmic wisdom, the soul, and the history of all human events.

#17: Shamans exist outside Time & Space.
When shamans journey to the spirit realm, they enter a theta-level trance state of consciousness. Time is only linear in the 3rd dimension of ordinary consciousness. In all other dimensions, time is multiple frequencies and space does not exist as we know it.

#18: Shamans are healers by design.
The purpose of a shaman is to heal or to divine. Shamanic healers are hollow tubes for the Great Spirit’s power. Shamans treat spiritual dis-orders through the following:
1. Journeying in the spirit world on behalf of a client to ask for, discover, barter, or battle for the cure of illness or injuries.
2. Retrieving soul pieces that may have been lost (due to accident, illness, or emotional trauma) or stolen.
3. Extracting spirit intrusions that may have entered or been sent into the body of a client causing disease, accidents, or mental illness.
4. Working on the client’s energy body to take out things that don’t belong there, restore lost energy or power, and alter the balance and flow of energy.

#19: Shamans are Stewards of Mother Earth and all her relations. Mitakuye Oasin!
Stewards take responsibility of the land but do not own the land. It is a steward’s responsibility to stay in tune with Mother Earth. So before a shaman undertakes any healing or energetic action, they journey to the spirits of the location and ask what is needed. Sometimes they will be told to forego intervention because there may be unseen extenuating circumstances. Taking an action might cause an undesirable chain reaction of events. “Mitakuye Oasin” means “All My Relations”, which means we are all related, all connected, all one. Likewise, a wise shaman will not intercede on anyone’s behalf without informed consent from the individual.

#20: Wisdom is knowing how to understand others without walking in their moccasins.
Shamans have a heightened sense of empathy that allows them to perceive from multiple viewpoints: They can see from their own viewpoint, the client’s viewpoint, and from Spirit’s viewpoint. In some shamanic cultures, dis-ease is removed by sucking it out of a client. However, the shaman is then taking on that energy. Modern shamanic training teaches alternative ways to remove dis-ease so that the practitioner remains protected and safe.

#21: WWSD? What would a shaman do?
If some unexpected and undesirable event happens, count 10 seconds then ask “WWSD”. Wait for Spirit’s answer and then formulate your reaction. This basic practice can transform your life. If you want to learn more about what shamans really do, I recommend reading The Hollow Bone by Deatsman.

#22: Shamans are Walkers Between the Worlds.
Shamans know that life in the 3rd dimension on Earth is but one of many dimensions. Therefore they are not fully a resident in any one world but are comfortable walking in many worlds. This ability to have residences in many different dimensions expands consciousness exponentially.

#23: Totems are great story tellers.
Totems appear to us all the time and they always have a message. Sometimes these messages are simple but sometimes they are cloaked in metaphor. Much of the time we are so wrapped up in our own agenda that we are not paying attention. The messengers will be gentle at first, but if we continue to ignore them, they will arrive with greater energy until we have to pay attention. To avoid these harsher message deliveries, be present and open your perception to allow the messages to arrive with ease and grace.

#24: Caution! Great Spirit on Board!
Great Spirit created each of us and each of us is a piece of Great Spirit. Therefore Great Spirit is always on board, even when we feel as if we are completely alone. You can test this at any time by opening a dialog with Great Spirit. Ask for some magic to happen. Then wait because magic will manifest!

#25: Life is a series of shed skins. The Medicine Wheel knows.
Traveling the Medicine Wheel, that cycle of transformation, allows us to consciously shed what no longer serves us, to discover what does serve us, and to grow into our new skin.

#26: Need a Dreamweaver? Call a Shaman.
Life is an extension of the Universe and the Universe is a fabric of unique energetic strings that bind us all together into a tapestry. Shamans understand how energy works and can assist you to organize your strings so that they weave the prettiest picture of your dreams. If you want to learn more about the hidden fabric of the Universe, I recommend reading The Grid by Jones and Flaxman.

#27: Learn to See with Your Heart and Love with Your Soul. Become a Shamanic Practitioner.
If you resonate with this Shaman Bumper Sticker series and are interested in learning shamanic healing techniques, I will be teaching the medicine wheel shamanic mystery school in two locations this year: Northeast Ohio and Alameda CA. Contact me for more details.

“A shaman would say that if you see with your heart and feel with your head the position of your eyelids is of no consequence.” –Don Jicaram

#28: Aho!
“Aho!” is a form of emphatically agreeing or acknowledging a communication. It can be similar to saying “Amen”, “Thank You”, “Hello”, and “I have said my Truth.” I am using it here to conclude my Shaman Bumper Sticker Series. Stay tuned for new series to start soon.

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