#29: Allyu! I am a Full Mesa Carrier.

Welcome to the 2nd Shaman Bumper Sticker series. The first series focused on core shamanism, which is shamanism with no cultural or regional characteristics. In other words, core shamanism only addresses shamanic practices that are common across all shamanic cultures. To me, cultural shamanism brings in local flavors and colors to make shamanic practices rich in texture and depth.

I have studied both core and cultural shamanism, primarily the shamanic energy medicine from the high Andes of Peru. Hence, this 2nd series of bumper stickers is directly related to practices learned from the high Andes and from those that have brought wisdom from the high Andes to the US.

The Q’ero are indigenous medicine people of the high Andes who were originally spiritual advisers to the Inka. When the Spaniards invaded South America, the Q’ero remained virtual recluses in the high Andes until the late 1950s. At that time, they received a prophecy that it was time to come down the mountains and share their medicine with North Americans. The Q’ero speak their own language, called Quechuan.

“Ayllu” is a Quechuan word that means “relative, family, community”. The community of full mesa carriers are those practitioners who have gone through specific training to create a mesa, which is a medicine bundle. The mesa is traditionally wrapped in Andean textiles and contains stones and other sacred items. The mesa is a traveling altar of the medicine person and is used for many different purposes, including healing, divination, and manifestation.

#30: Shamans Like to Phukuy Around.

“Phukuy” means to blow. Breath is energy mixed with intention that creates a connection between the physical and spiritual worlds. Breath is used to blow prayers. When a bit of Florida water is taken into the mouth and blown, it is a powerful form of clearing energy.

#31: A Rock a Day Keeps the Hucha Away.

“Hucha” is energy that does not serve. Since energy is neutral, it is not accurate to say that energy is good or bad. It either serves you or does not. Hucha is a dense or heavy energy that associates with anger, unbalance, fear, anger, judgment, jealousy, guilt, regret, sorrow, shame, or maliciousness. The rock refers to sacred stones from the mesa that are used in specific Andean healing processes to clear hucha from the energy body.

#32: Got Sami?

“Sami” is energy that serves. It is high frequency light energy that can be experienced as compatible, calm, serene, healing, refined, beneficial, or harmonious. One can only experience it when one is in “ayni”, which means “right relationship”. In other words, one is in balance with oneself, with others, and with the other elements of the universe.

#33: Shamans Rock!

Khuyas are stones given as a gift from Mother Earth and become receptacles of information and power to be used as tools for healing. The Quechua word for stone is “rumi” however a rumi becomes a khuya when it has been energetically charged and placed in the mesa or on the altar for sacred purposes. The word “khuya” comes from the Quechua word “qhuyay”, which means to love or deeply care for. Khuyas are also used hampi, spirit medicine.

Stones can be found at personally sacred or meaningful places. Or a stone may call to you from anywhere. Some stones may have lain in the same place for centuries just waiting for you to come along and pick them up. If you want to take the stone, first ask its permission. Then leave an offering such as cornmeal, tobacco, whiskey, one of your hairs, or some spit.

#34: Laika Lovers Practice Mucho Munay.

While we all possess a Luminous Energy Field that surrounds our physical body, the Laika are called “the luminous ones”. They are the Earthkeepers of old. They are homo-luminous humans who rise to the level of angels. We all have the potential to develop our Luminous Energy Fields to the level of angels within our lifetime. “Munay” means to love, to want, to desire. It is the action of the heart, practicing loving kindness.

#35: Illuminations are Heart Retrievals.

#36: Have Rock Will Illuminate.

Khuyas, the healing stones of the mesa, can be used in a process call an “illumination”. An illumination is a process of soul clearing that works in conjunction with clearing the energy body specifically at the points of the major chakras. The actual illumination occurs when energy from the 8th chakra of the healer is passed to the chakras of the client.

#37: Lucky Llama says: “Friends Don’t Let Friends Illuminate & Drive.”

An illumination is a deep process that often triggers altered states of consciousness similar to hypnosis. It is important that the recipient of an illumination is fully conscious, grounded, and in their bodies before driving after a session.

#38: Shamans Like to Get Their Rocks Off.

#39: Shamans Like to Get Stoned.

In order for a shamanic practitioner to be effective, they must undergo many illuminations as well as learn to give them. The illumination process will remove all traces of victimization consciousness from the physical and energy body and be replaced with self-healing and self-empowerment energy.

#40: Caution! Munay Ki Seeds on Board.

Munay-Ki comes from Quechua and means “I love you” and “Be as thou art”. Dr. Alberto Villoldo, founder of the Four Winds, created the Munay-Ki from a series of 9 energetic rites that the Q’ero give. These rites plant seeds in the energy fields of the chakras. Once planted, the seeds need to be fed by light and fire rituals in order to germinate and grow the Luminous Energy Field into a rainbow body. In addition, the rites connect the receiver to the lineage of lightworker ancestors.

#41: As Skin Shedders Snakes Know Transformation.

Serpent (Snake), known in Quechuan as “sach’amama” or “amaru”, models for us how to shed our past as she sheds her skin. In the Peruvian cosmology, Serpent is the archetype of the lower world. Serpent is the archetype of the South on the Four Winds medicine wheel.

#42: Jaguars are Big Bad Hucha Eaters.

Jaguar, known in Quechuan as “otorongo” or “choquechinchay”, models for us how to track all that is around us and how to walk in self-empowerment. In the Peruvian cosmology, Jaguar is the archetype of the middle world. Jaguar is the archetype of the West on the Four Winds medicine wheel.

#43: Hummingbird Knows How to Gather the Nectar.

Royal Hummingbird, known in Quechuan as “siwar q’enti”, models for us how to drink the sweet nectar of life. Hummingbird is the archetype of the North on the Four Winds medicine wheel.

#44: Condors Jump from the Nest to Fly High with Great Spirit.

Condor, known in Quechuan as “kuntur” or “apuchin”, models for us how to fly high close to Great Spirit and see the big picture. In the Peruvian cosmology, Condor is the archetype of the upper world. Condor is the archetype of the East on the Four Winds medicine wheel. The North American equivalent is Eagle. According to Jonette Crowley, in the The Eagle & the Condor, an ancient prophecy, shared by indigenous people throughout the Americas, says when the Eagle of North America and the Condor of South America unite, the spirit of peace will awaken on Earth.

#45: Run through the Jungle Like a Luminous Warrior.

Like a Jaguar, let your wild soul run free through the jungle of this physical world unencumbered by drama and empowered through Spirit. This state of being will allow your luminous body to shine bright and clear. This concludes the 2nd Shaman Bumper Sticker series. Stay tuned for a new series to start soon.

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