Sex, is a physical characteristic of our bodies. Some individuals have male genitalia, some have female genitalia, and others have some of both. Gender identity is a consciousness of who we are. Components of our gender identity include our gender expression and gender role. Sexual identity is a consciousness of who we want to be with romantically or sexually. Components of our sexuality include our sexual orientation and sexual behavior.

Gender Blenders put all the characteristics of masculinity and femininity together to create a unique blend of gender identity. Gender Blending is the blurring or blending of gender roles. Inside the blender is a combination of astrological symbols that represent Male (Mars), Female (Venus), Neuter (Mercury), and Asexual.

This image of the divine Male and divine Female, conjoined as one being, represents non-duality. This is the alchemical symbol for the union of Male and Female. The Logos (soul) deconstructs into Male and Female on the physical plane. The 6-pointed star represents the reconstruction of Male and Female into an Androgyne.

A symbol of Androgyny is created from the union of the God and Goddess. The God is represented by the symbol of the Horned God: a half moon pointing up. The Horned God is Associated with nature, sexuality, and hunting. The Goddess is represented by the symbol of the Triple Moon: a circle representing the full moon in the middle, a half moon on the left (waxing moon of new beginnings), and a half moon on the right (waning moon of endings). The Triple Moon can also symbolize the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone.

Individuals with any gender identity may use a unisex toilet or restroom. Unisex restrooms benefit families that have small children as well as disabled and elderly individuals that need assistance. In addition, trans* and gender fluid individuals may use a unisex restroom without fear of harassment or embarrassment.

A symbol for transsexual transformation consists of the Greek letter “X”. As a symbol with 3 bars, it represents the 3 phases of a transsexual’s life: the pre-transition, the transition, and post-transition. “X” has multiple meanings. It is the Roman symbol for “10”, which is the number of completion and balance. “X” is a graphic representation of the interplay of opposites. “X” also represents the perfectly balanced human, one line being the spiritual, intellectual, active, and male side and the other line being the earthly, rational, passive, and female side. “X” represents the union of dualism. It also represents a cross over, as in transitioning from one physical gender to another. And lastly, “X” is short for the prefix “ex”, which means a formerly held position, as in ex-male or ex-female.

These symbols are representations of gender variance and therefore choice. They graphically portray the concept that gender identity is not linear but can have twists, turns, and even question marks.

The five-sided pentagon stands for the numbers “2” (the Male) plus “3” (the Female) which adds up to “5” (the Androgyne). Inside the pentagon are the combined symbols for Male (Mars astrological symbol), Female (Venus astrological symbol), and Neuter (Mercury astrological symbol). All are enclosed by the circle which symbolizes circular living, the throwing away of linear thinking especially for gender and sexual identity models.

The symbols for Mars (male) and Venus (female) are combined with a third arm that represents non-binary trans* people. The strike through the circle in this version represents those individuals that don’t identify as male or female. The inverted triangle was a symbol the Nazis made camp prisoners wear during World War II. Different colors represented different groups. Homosexuals had to wear the pink triangle. Today the inverted triangle has been reclaimed for use as a symbol for pride.

This graphic symbol has two feathers representing the two spiritual energies, male and female, on a background of the yin-yang symbol. The circle is a symbol of sacred cycles that have no beginning and no end.

IOZ is a fictional but intriguing concept from the movie Zerophilia*. It is about individuals that are born with an additional chromosome, the “Z” chromosome. These individuals change sex whenever they are sexually aroused to orgasm with an individual of the opposite sex or with another zerophiliac.
*Zerophilia (2005) written by Martin Curland

The Taijitu (diagram of supreme ultimate) is the Chinese symbol for yin (female) and yang (male). It is a classic symbol for the balance and harmony of opposite energies.

The Yin Yang Yuen was designed to include a third gender in the traditional Tao symbol of yin (female) and yang (male).

The word “pan” comes from the Greek word for “all”. Pansexuals are sexually and romantically attracted to individuals of all gender identities. They understand that there is a much wider gender spectrum than just males and females. In other words, being attracted to an individual’s soul, energy, and inner beauty supersedes the importance of the physical body.

The symbols for multiple sexual orientations. Variations include combinations of astrological symbols that represent Male (Mars), Female (Venus), and Neuter (Mercury).

The hormones that create secondary sexual characteristics in humans.

Standing at the intersection of Gender Drive and Sexuality Street, what direction are you traveling?

Compiled and designed by Drake Bear Stephen.
Note: Many symbols are universal and some were designed by others.