Intro to Flower Series – Petals of Passion:
The frame is flower photos and the theme is love. I chose love because the flower is representative of the act of love. It is both the female organ that attracts with its petals, and the male organ that produces pollen with its stamen. Flowers are the perfect state of balance, not only hermaphroditic but bisexual as well.

Flowers also represent the cycle of Life. In the beginning, the flower begins as a bud. As it matures it blooms and eventually produces seeds which take root to reproduce the cycle. Then the flower eventually withers and dies. So, too, our soul, which begins its journey as a seedling from Source, journeys through many cycles to eventually come to full bloom. So never worry, where you are, just bloom where you are planted. And never worry, when you will bloom, as late bloomers are the most beautiful of all.

#2: Love is a journey and if we wonder where it will end, we will never travel.

#3: Love is a miracle worker for the lonely. Spread it generously.

#4: Memories are the back roads of my mind. Traveling down these country lanes, the thoughts of love are gently worn.

#5: Loving someone can be such a prickly affair. But don’t lose sight of the bloom.

#6: Hermit hearts are simply hearts on hiatus.

#7: It is not another person’s love that opens your heart, but your own. Don’t die with an unused heart.

#8: Caution! Open heart walking. Love words talking.

#9: Let love power your heart and propel your journey through life.

#10: Feel like your light went out? Rekindle the pilot to your heart’s passion.

#11: Twin flames, twin souls. Open hearts the common goals.

Flower Series 11S
#12: What we see in a new lover is what we think we want but what actually what we have attracted is who we think we’re worth.

#13: I can remember the summer day in your smile and love was lying on the beach a long while.

#14: I miss you as ever. I love you forever. Ever more. More. I want more.

#15: The cure for loneliness is drinking the elixir of self-love.

#16: Your love is a sunrise in my heart.

#17: Take my lonely, worn heart and make a nest for it. Keep it there warm a while. And while you are at it, take my lips and make them curve upwards. Take my soul and give it hope once again.

Flower Series 18sml
#18: We spend years looking for that big pot of gold only to discover it can’t be found in our wallets but in our hearts.

#19: Sing me a lullaby of love. Take me to Neptune and tenderly heal my Chiron.

#20: I know I am loved even if it’s only me doing the loving.

#21: Come to me in dreams or in day I will not turn you away but always open my heart’s gateway.

#22: No true loner is ever lonely when alone because Life is his true lover.

#23: I want to crawl behind your eyes to see what you see in me. I want to crawl into your heart to stay there warm a while. I want to crawl beside your soul to bask in its lovely light.

#24: Embers growing, embers glowing. The coals of my soul erupt into flames. Blue blazes burn red hot. Because the heart is an organ of passion.

#25: Ignorance is to hate. Knowledge is to love. Difference is to hate. Likeness is to love. Let’s give difference a chance.

#26: Art is a product of love and love is an art.

#27: The human heart is the most resilient organism in the universe. It can be bruised, beaten, broken, and rejected, yet it will rise like a phoenix, still pumping, a spark of passion that will once again burst into flame. The human heart will do this over and over, continuously fueled by love.

#28: Afraid of getting hurt? Put a condom on your heart and practice safe love.

#29: Your head might echo with everyone else’s voice but your heart speaks with only one voice, your own.

#30: Feel with your eyes. See with your skin. Think with your heart. Love with your mind. Use all your perceptual receptacles to track your Truth.

I conclude this series with the following comment: If the human heart were an army, no battle would be lost. If every cell in the body was human heart, it would never succumb to disease. If the economy were a human heart, no fortune would be lost forever. And if the world were full of human heart, no child would be unloved, no adult would be lonely.

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