Animal Series 1S
#1: Learn from egrets. Have no regrets.

Animal Series 2S
Learn from a peacock. Strut your stuff in living color.

Animal Series 3S
Learn from a cow. Procrastinating? Time to mooooove.

Animal Series 4S
Learn from a jay. Nuts of a feather need to flock together.

Animal Series 5S
Learn from a squirrel. A peanut for your thoughts?

Animal Series 6S
Learn from a bear. Love can bear all things.

Animal Series 7S
Learn from an elephant. Have a huge heart.

Animal Series 8S
Learn from a seal. Seal your deals with love, light, and integrity.

Animal Series 9S
Learn from an ostrich. You can see where you are going much better when your head is not buried.

Animal Series 10S
Learn from a sheep. It’s hard to see where you are going with wool over your eyes. Baaaad eyesight creates sad hindsight.

Animal Series 11S
Learn from a turkey. You’ve got to gobble up life with gusto.

Animal Series 12S
Learn from an ape. Don’t monkey around. Make every minute count.

Animal Series 13S
Learn from a monkey. Go ape over what makes your heart tick.

Animal Series 14S
Learn from a lizard. No mountain is too high to scale when your heart desires it.

Animal Series 15S
#15: Learn from a quail. Honor your accomplishments by wearing a feather in your hair.

Animal Series 16S
Learn from a pig. It’s ok to hog all the love you can get.

Animal Series 18S
Learn from a seagull. Fly free and fish for what nourishes your soul.

Animal Series 17S
Learn from a reptile. Lay in the sunlight to regenerate your soul.

Animal Series 19sml
#19: Learn from a llama. Pack in intention into our life. Live Responsibly. Love Sustainably.

Animal Series 20
#20: Learn from a beaver. Give a dam.

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