Mesa is a Spanish word that means “table”. In the Inka tradition, a mesa is an altar used for ceremonies and healing. Inside is a collection of sacred objects, including khuyas (stones), imprinted with energy. These sacred objects are wrapped in a mestana (Andean textile). The patterns woven into the mestana have meaning, intention, and energy, which interacts with the khuyas.

#1: Munay Mesa
My heart can be your mesa.
Drop in your weary stones of pain
And the seeds of love will grow.
Round and round we travel
On a heart-shaped wheel.
Let’s journey to new directions together.

#2: Mesa Skins
The skin of my mesa changes as my soul transforms.

#3: Paqo Bear’s Mesa
13 uses for the mesa include:

  1. By mocking up our intent, the mesa becomes a magnet that transforms intention to reality.
  2. By being a surrogate sucker, the mesa becomes a tool of healing.
  3. By being a holder of energy, the mesa absorbs energy at sacred sites.
  4. Likewise, as a holder of energy, the mesa can pass energy when giving the Sacred Rites.
  5. The mesa can be opened to provide a portable altar of sacred items.
  6. The mesa provides a ground on which to perform divinations.
  7. The mesa can be left at home and become a beacon of energy that calls one home safely when traveling.
  8. The mesa can be a companion, always at your side, during day or during sleep.
  9. The mesa facilitates personal transformation as it is being created during the journey around the four directions.
  10. The mesa links energetically to other mesa carriers and to the ancestral lineage of mesa carriers.
  11. The mesa is a map of personal cosmology. “When I look into my medicine bundle, it’s a mirror of myself, and it’s not just that, it’s a place where I can consciously transform myself.” Concept and quote by Jim Hagedorn.
  12. The mesa facilitates sourcing from the Spiritual Collective Consciousness. “The Transcendent Global Mesa is what we’re all sourcing as we open our medicine bundles in these New Times!” Concept and quote by Wake Wheeler.
  13. The mesa is a portal to multiple dimensions. “My sense is that the mesas are working not only in this dimension but in others as well. Working on our behalf personally, as they have since we invited/initiated them.” Concept and quote by Kinlen Wheeler.

#4: Have you hugged your mesa today?
As a mirror of myself, my mesa is Two Spirit as shown by the two little bear spirits.

*A Two Spirit holds the energy of both male and female in one body. They are the third gender in most Native American tribes. The third gender is comprised of individuals that have a gender identity that is neither male nor female or both male and female, thus they are able to walk between the worlds.

#5: Two Spirit Khuyas
Inside are many Two Spirit khuyas on a Four Spirit cloth.

#6: Two Spirits wrapped in a mesa cloth.
The Blanket Ceremony is a Native North American wedding tradition. Here these Two Spirits are wrapped in a rainbow blanket to represent the marriage of male and female energy to create the balanced Androgyne.

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