These days we all are very busy in our personal lives and perhaps a bit reluctant to leave our home. And we have an amazing tool at home with which to connect without leaving home. This is the Internet.

I have gotten numerous requests for shamanic training from individuals spread around the country. Most are not able to travel to me and it would not be economical for me to travel to each one of them. So I began offering many subjects from my Soul School: A Shamanic Mystery School as an online apprentice program.
The best aspect of an apprenticeship is that it is designed especially for you and you alone. So we cover the topics that you are interested in and skip the ones you already know or have no interest in.

The goal of this apprenticeship is to spend 1-2 hours on Skype every 1-2 weeks. Then we may formulate some homework such as doing a ritual.

It will be optimal but not required to eventually meet in person to complete experiential work that cannot be done over Skype.

The only thing we can take with us out of this lifetime is the knowledge and wisdom that our soul acquires. So any gain we make in knowing ourselves will stay with us. There are two rules of the road when you are traveling on a journey of personal transformation:

Can you answer this series of questions associated with self-knowledge? Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? What is my life’s purpose? What are my gifts?

By knowing the answers to these questions, you become self-empowered. A self-empowered individual can manifest their dreams into being. Each one of us is a prize from the Universe to our Self and from our Self to the Universe. Each one of us has a unique gift to give.

What we see when we look in the mirror is what the world reflects back to us. We get what we believe we deserve. The more we love ourselves the more of our dreams we can manifest. When we believe we are not good enough or deserve what we want, we block the flow of abundance, prosperity, and love.

You may feel that you are blocked or stuck and unable to manifest your dreams. There are obstacles such as past contracts and vows, pre-life selection beliefs, past defeats and traumas that can be moved out of the way. Learning shamanic techniques will give you the tools to get your energy flowing freely.


Following is a list of subjects that are available in the Online Shamanic Apprentice Program:

____ Shamanism & the Medicine Wheel
____ Shamanic Journeys: The 3 Worlds, OR & NOR
____ Power Animal Retrieval
____ Dancing Your Power Animal
____ Shamanic Tools: Drum & Rattle
____ Skeleton Dance
____ Smudging
____ Opening & Closing Sacred Space
____ Power Song & Passing Power
____ Entities & Protection
____ Entity Extraction – Crystalized and Fluid
____ Soul Retrieval
____ Psychopomp Work: Eulogy & Soul Flight
____ Working with Nature Spirits – Plant Spirit Guide
____ Ethical & Legal Issues for Shamanic Practitioners

____ The Q’ero
____ Q’ero Cosmology by the Numbers
____ Inka Archetypes
____ Tracking with Archetypes
____ The Mesa
____ The Khuyas
____ The Chumpis
____ Munay Ki
____ Build a Mesa: Inform Stones 1-12
____ Mesa Divination
____ Mesa Manifestation & Tawantinsuyu Cosmology
____ Mesa Huaca
____ Apu Calling and Energy Field Clearing
____ Qosqo & Poq’po Exercise – Hucha Mikuy

____ Energy Medicine: The Energy Body & The Physical Body
____ Energy Systems & Exercises
____ Grounding & Running Energy
____ Cutting Cords
____ Body Stories
____ Meridian Tapping
____ Aikido – Breath & Ha! Exercise

____ Components That Make Up Who We Are
____ Levels of Beliefs
____ Ways of Perceiving & Projecting
____ The Sensory System
____ Muscle Testing
____ Using Pendulums
____ Crystal Gridding
____ Soul Stages & Levels
____ Vibration Scale of Consciousness
____ Time Frequencies
____ Ascension
____ Lightworkers & Light Beings
____ Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening
____ DNA Activation
____ Divination Techniques
____ Reincarnation & Journey to the Afterlife
____ Two Spirits & Gender Energy Quotient
____ Structural Clearing & Blessing
____ Magical Names (Bean Naming Ceremony)
____ Spiritual Bypass & Spiritual Arrogance
____ Ecstatic Postures & Mudras

____ Despacho
____ Fire Ceremony

____ Chakras & Auras – Repairing & Healing
____ Soul Clearing Techniques
____ Sandpainting

____ Spirit Traps
____ Mojo Bags
____ Corn Husk Dolls
____ Candle Dressing
____ Prayer Stick
____ Medicine Bag
____ Prayer Ties

____ Anointing
____ Letter of Manifestation
____ Creating Core Statements
____ Forgiveness Exercises
____ Vows & Contracts
____ Journal Quest
____ Self-Referencing Exercise
____ Role Exercise
____ Tarot Exercise

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