2 Feathers

Once there was a Chameleon that had forgotten it could shapeshift into human form. Chameleon had forgotten it had already had many previous lives as a male and a female human. You see, Chameleon was quite sensitive and easily intimidated by the world so it spent its days being invisible by blending into its surroundings. It had a safe cave it stayed in quite a lot.

One day, as Chameleon was peacefully dozing in its cave, a Spirit appeared. Chamelon asks “Who are you?” The Spirit replies “I am The Reincarnationist.” Chameleon asks “Why are you here?” The Reincarnationist replies “I am here to bestow the Power on you. You already have the gift of Sensitivity so that will balance with Power to keep your Ego in check.” Chameleon asks “But why are you giving me the Power and the Gift?” The Reincarnationist replies “It is now time for you to shapeshift into a human. Only this time you will be both male and female in one lifetime. You will learn to embody the masculine and feminine by blending both into one identity.” Chameleon asks “But how will this happen?”

The Reincarnationist then gives Chameleon the following directions: “Lie under the light of the next full moon to absorb the feminine energies and dream your body into being.” Chameleon follows this direction and lies under the light of Grandmother Moon. Its body morphs into a human female body with fully developed female genitalia.
The next day in the cave, The Reincarnationist looks at Chameleon’s body and nods with approval. Now he says “Tomorrow lie under Father Sun to balance Grandmother Moon’s energies.” So the next day, Chameleon once again follows the Reincarnationist’s directions. Her now female body begins another transformation, this time adding male characteristics and fully developed male genitalia alongside the female genitalia.
The next day back in the cave, The Reincarnationist nods approval again. He tells Chameleon “Tonight lie under the stars.” And so, Chameleon does lie under the stars and as s/he does, Brother/Sister Star Dust falls on him/her and activates his/her Androgyny. Now his/her emotions, thoughts, and entire being is balanced perfectly with masculine and feminine energies.

The next day The Reincarnationist is ecstatic with his creation, however, he gives Chameleon one last set of instructions. He says “Lie under the sky today once again.” So as Chameleon lies beneath the sky, soaking up the healing energy of Mother Earth and the healing rays of Father Sun, a rainbow appears and shines its colors down upon him/her illuminating his/her body, chakras, and heart.

The next day The Reincarnationist says “Your physical body is made of Mother Earth and your energy body is illuminated by Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, Brother/Sister Stars, and the Rainbow. It is now time to leave your cave and venture into the World. It will be a great journey that you travel as you share the light that has energized your body with others. Now you no longer need to hide by blending into your surroundings. You will be visible so that you can guide others to the light. Once in a while you may feel a need to return to the cave to rejuvenate but it will be a temporary respite and you will return to the World refreshed and ready to serve. I have one additional gift for you. That gift is your new name.” And with that, The Reincarnationist blew the name “Two Feathers” into Chameleon’s body. “From now on you will be known by the name ‘Two Feathers’.”

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