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People who collect teddy bears are called “arctophiles,” from the Greek root words for “bear” and “lover.” Since I am an arctophile and practice arctolatry (defined below) I would like to share from fascinating details about bears.

I was surprised to learn that Teddy Bears were not invented until 1902. They were developed simultaneously and independently by toymakers in two different countries.

In Germany Richard Steiff produced a stuffed bear which was shown at the Leipzig Toy Fair in March 1903. Early teddy bears were made to look like real bears, with extended snouts, shoe-button or glass eyes, mohair fur, and jointed hips, necks, and shoulders. These bears were commonly called “bruins”.

In the United States, the name “teddy bear” came from a cartoon about President Theodore Roosevelt. While Roosevelt was on in bear hunting trip in Mississippi. Most of the other competitors had killed a bear, but Roosevelt still had not so a few of his attendants tied a black bear to a tree, then invited Roosevelt to shoot it. Roosevelt refused because it was unsportsmanlike. Clifford Berryman created a political cartoon of the incident which was published in The Washington Post. When Morris Michtom saw the cartoon, he created a little stuffed bear that was put in his shop window with a sign that read “Teddy’s bear”. This bear became such a success that Michtom founded the Ideal Novelty and Toy Co.

By 1906 teddy bears had become a cultural craze. Seymour Eaton wrote a children’s book series called The Roosevelt Bears. In 1907 John Walter Bratton wrote a musical piece called “The Teddy Bears’ Picnic”. Jimmy Kennedy added words to it in 1932. Since then, many character bears have been created, including Winnie-the-Pooh, Paddington Bear, Big Teddy and Little Teddy, Yogi and Boo-Boo, Smokey the Bear, and Sesame Street’s Fozzie.

After World War 2, Wendy Boston created the first unjointed, fully washable bear. Modern teddy bears tend to look more baby-like than the original bears with larger eyes and foreheads, smaller noses, and plush synthetic fur. Mass-produced teddy bears are predominantly made as toys for children but other bears are created for the collectible market. Some antique bears are sold at auction for huge sums of money. Today there are many teddy bear manufacturers and one can even create their own teddy at Build-A-Bear Workshop and Vermont Teddy Bear Company.

Psychologists say that a relationship with the teddy bear is transitional, helping a child to increase independence. I say, our relationships with teddy bears last a lifetime and provide a constant and loyal companion, especially in times when teddy may be the only source of companionship.


One reason that bears may be so endearing to us is that they share many characteristics with us humans such as the ability to stand upright and to hug. Bears are sometimes called the “clowns of the woods” because they dance, sit on their haunches, and roll head over hind paws.
Bear medicine is very powerful. Bears not only embody the masculine warrior spirit but also the feminine healing spirit. The bear spirit animal is very connected to the shamanic tradition.

Like shamans, bears walk in multiple worlds. In the outer world they are:

Stand with courage against adversity; and stand with confidence for beliefs and truth.

  • A source of strength, groundedness, and leadership.
  • Support for emotional, physical, and spiritual healing of self and others.

In the inner world they are require:

  • A need for solitary hibernation to rest, reflection, retrospection, renewal, and rejuvenation.
  • Much introspection and self-inquiry while following a spiritual path.

The hibernating bear is symbolic of the female, passive, dormant nature of potential, and the moon. The active bear represents assertive, male, confident nature, and the sun.

In Chinese culture, the bear is associated with yang energy: masculinity, power, force, domination, authority.

In Celtic culture, the bear is associated with yin energy. Its cave is the womb of Mother Earth. Spending the winter in hibernation affords the bear plenty of dreamtime, which fosters communication with the unconscious, intuition, and mystical prophesy.

Bear worship as a form of spirituality is called “arctolatry”. Archaeologists believe that the bear is the oldest European deity. Some indigenous people regard the Bear Mother as their ancestress. About 110,000 years ago, Neanderthal hunters collected skulls of a large brown bear in a shrine where the Cult of the Bear worshiped for over 50,000 years.

In Yavapai mythology, Bear was the first great shaman. The black bear is considered the guardian of the West by many Native American tribes and is reverently addressed as Grandfather. Bears are also symbols of gender mixing for Native American tribes.

Viking warriors often wore a bear skin shirt for strength, stamina, and power and as a dedication to the Goddess Ursel, the She-Bear. These warriors would go into a state of frenzy in battle. Thus the word “berserk”, from bear-sark (bear shirt), was created.

The naming of the Ursa Major and Ursa Minor is derived from Greek mythology stories where Callisto and her son, Arcas, are turned into bear constellations. The Druids associated the Pole Star of Ursa Major to King Arthur (whose name means Bear). Bears legends depict them with a special relationship to the moon. Mother Bears fiercely protect their offspring from harm or threats. In the Celtic tradition the Primal Mother is the Bear goddess, Artio, a fierce protector.

Bear is also slang for a subculture in the gay community. Bear describes a physical type of man that has a heavy-set or muscular, hairy body, facial hair, and a working-class masculine identity in grooming and appearance.

There are four specific days of the year you can celebrate your Teddy Bear:



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Past Life Package Deal


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Past Life Package


A past life package combines past life regression via hypnotherapy with shamanic energy medicine healing practices to provide the most powerful, effective, and safest way to experience past life journeys.

In order to provide this past life package, a practitioner must not only be trained in hypnotherapy but in shamanic and energy medicine modalities as well. My extensive training in all three areas, allows me the advantage of offering a complete past life experience. I offer a past life experience in a package of three sessions. The sessions consist of:

Session 1: Preparation (approximately 1 hour)

  • Consultation – Discussion to identify the your issues, desires, and reasons for having a past life journey.
  • Energy Body Tune-up – Aura repair, chakra restoration, cord removal, grounding cord check, and Reiki fill up. This insures that your energy body is in top shape to experience past life travel.
  • Entity Extraction – Check for and extract entity attachments. When a you are entity-free, you will be assured that your past life memories are your own.

Session 2: Journey through Time (averages 1.5 hours)

  • Past Life Regression – This session consists of three parts. First, guided meditation and relaxation are used to put you in a trance (focused state of mind). Second, the you will be guided through time to visit a past life which will include the death experience. A portion of the post-life will also be experienced. Third, as you return to the present moment, you will receive post-hypnotic suggestions to aid you in integrating your past experiences with your present life.

Session 3: Restoration & Integration (approximately 1 hour)

  • Soul Retrieval Ceremony – A soul retrieval will be performed, where lost soul parts from your past life will be integrated into your current energy body. In addition, if you are release any foreign soul parts you may be holding. Lastly, you will be filled with power.


Past Life Regression (PLR) is a therapeutic process that accesses the subconscious mind and cellular memories of birth, past lives, and life between lives. This experience can locate original sources of trauma and transform core issues that affect your daily life. A person may want to visit a past life for many different reasons such as:

  1. Curiosity to experience a past life.
  2. To explore past life influences on current relationships.
  3. To discover contracts or vows made in previous lifetimes that affect the current lifetime. These contracts can be cancelled or renegotiated as desired.
  4. To discover overt acts of past lives that affect karmic lessons in this lifetime. These overt acts can be atoned for thus changing or fulfilling karmic lessons now.
  5. To discover past talents and bring them to the present conscious mind to increase creativity and/or peak performance.
  6. To discover the pre-life contract and purpose for this current lifetime.
  7. To discover one’s overall soul purpose thereby gaining clarity about one’s intended path.

The typical questions that can be asked during a Past Life Regression are:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What are you wearing?
  3. What is your skin color?
  4. Are you male or female?
  5. How old are you?
  6. What is your name?
  7. Where are you?
  8. What do you see around you? What is the landscape like?
  9. What is the weather or climate?
  10. What is the name of the place you’re in?
  11. What is the date?
  12. What is the time of day?
  13. Do you hear anything?
  14. Do you smell anything?
  15. What are you doing?
  16. Why are you doing it?
  17. How do you feel about doing it?
  18. Is anyone with you?
  19. If so, who is that person(s) and why are they with you?
  20. How do you feel about having that person(s) with you?
  21. Do you recognize that person(s) in this lifetime?
  22. How does this lifetime relate to the current one?
  23. What is your contract? What was your vow at death, if any?

In almost all cases I highly recommend experiencing a Past Life Regression before a Between Lives Regressions.


A Between Lives Regression (BLR) is a visit to the 5th dimension or Afterlife. This experience is facilitated through a hypnotic state. There are many different places in the 5th dimension to visit, including: the Hall of Wisdom (the place of life reviews), the Hall of Records (also known as the Akashic Records), the Hall of Justice (home of the Council of Elders), the Hall of Healing (a place of rejuvenation), and the home of your soul group. This is also where you will meet your personal spirit guide(s) and teacher(s).

The typical questions that can be asked during a Between Lives Regression are:

  1. What is your guide’s name?
  2. What is your guide’s soul color?
  3. What is your soul color?
  4. What percentage of soul energy did you bring into this current life?
  5. How are you doing with this amount of soul energy?
  6. Who are the members of your soul family?
  7. Who is your primary soul mate?
  8. What is the purpose for your choice of body, particular talents, life circumstances, etc?
  9. What is the purpose for your choice of current mother/father/other significant people?
  10. What are the gifts from your family of origin?
  11. Who and why did you create your family of creation (mates/children)?
  12. How does the council feel you are progressing in this life?
  13. What is your primary purpose of the current life?
  14. What is the overall mission of your immortal soul?
  15. What is your destiny?
  16. What part of your destiny have you already completed?
  17. What is your soul purpose?
  18. What are your challenges or patterns of suffering?
  19. What is the purpose of your physical illness/limitation? How can it be let go?
  20. What red flag is there (caution note that you need to be aware of)?

Comparing P-books to E-books


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Books5  Books4

Anyone who has visited my home knows that I have a great passion for books. I have thousands of them. They are everywhere, stuffed into every room and into cupboard space. Books are my best friends. Most of the time, I prefer to sit with a really good book than to be out socializing with humans.

Because of my love for books, I was very resistant to, perhaps even afraid of, digital books for the longest time. However, since there are now some books that are only available in digital format, I saw the handwriting on the wall. I must give in and purchase an e-reader. When I did finally purchase an e-reader, I was rocked by how versatile they were. Best of all, there is absolutely no better way to travel than with an e-reader chock full of books. I used to carry half a suitcase of books whenever I traveled and as you can imagine the weight of these books can add up quite quickly.

I can’t imagine myself sitting for hours in airports and on planes with nothing to occupy my mind other than my own thoughts so I always take more books than I actually need as insurance that I would not run out of reading material. Now I can board the plane with one little e-reader weighing 7 ounces and yet have a thousand books on it, which leaves more room for clothes or souvenirs in my luggage.

It then began to dawn on me that I could have the best of both worlds. Just because I had an e-reader, didn’t mean I had to forego my collection of p-books. Both paper and digital have their own benefits. I now have three categories for my books:

  1. Reference books I want to keep forever I will buy as p-books.
  2. Books that I will read only once (and then give away) I will buy as e-books.
  3. Those books that I refer to quite frequently will be bought as p-books and e-books so that wherever I am, I have access to the book.

The technology of the book is not similar to that of music or movies where the evolution was from vinyl to tape to CD/DVD to digital. Here each subsequent generation was a big jump in quality and convenience. But e-books are not simply a better format replacing an inferior one; they offer a wholly different experience. So I predict that p-books and e-books are going to co-exist.

I am now proud to say I am bibook. I love books in any form. Books are my best friends. They are my entertainment, my escape, and my ecstasy.

In the end, it’s not really important in what format we read, only that we do read.
In the following section I list 22 advantages of both book formats so that you can decide which form is best for you.

*P-book = Paper or printed book.
**E-book = Electronic or digital book.


  • E-books save space.
  • E-books are cheaper. Many are free. (However, the initial cost of the reader should be factored in.)
  • E-books save on resources such as paper.
  • E-books are convenient.
  • E-books have multimedia and interactive capabilities.
  • E-books can be stored online in the cloud and so never lost or destroyed.
  • E-books can be accessed from multiple sources such as smartphone, reader, tablet, or computer.
  • E-books are more private because the cover is not visible to others and they can be password protected.
  • E-books are searchable.
  • E-book authors can receive more profit per book due to cheaper production costs.
  • E-readers are usually lighter and smaller to hold than a book.
  • E-readers can have dictionaries and other resources available at a finger’s tap.
  • E-readers can instantly translate words into other languages.
  • E-readers may allow you to read footnotes without changing the page or losing your place in the book.
  • E-readers can store over a thousand books on one half pound device.
  • E-readers are back lit so they can be read in the dark without an external light.
  • E-readers can adjust text size and font.
  • E-readers estimate how much time is left to the end of the chapter based on your personal reading speed.
  • E-readers give access to newspapers and magazines.
  • Many e-books are sold nowadays with bonuses, which you usually do not get with a p-book.
  • Buying e-books online is instantaneous and there are no shipping costs.
  • Some e-books are not published in paper form.


  • P-books don’t break when dropped.
  • P-books do not have glare like many screens.
  • P-books won’t malfunction, break down, or be subjected to viruses.
  • P-books never have to be charged.
  • P-books don’t require technology and don’t produce e-waste.
  • P-books don’t require looking at a screen that is emitting radiation.
  • P-books can be signed, numbered, and printed with beautiful bindings.
  • P-books can be used as decoration in homes and offices.
  • P-books are easier to borrow and lend.
  • P-books have a kinesthetic experience of holding a book, turning pages, and flipping forward and backward.
  • P-books have physical beauty.
  • P-books have smell, feel, and weight.
  • P-books are collectible.
  • P-books can be written in more easily.
  • P-books are nostalgic.
  • P-books are easy to use. You just open them up.
  • P-books require no power sources.
  • P-books have no digital licensing restrictions to sharing.
  • The value of p-books can rise in time.
  • Multiple books can be worked on easily at once.
  • One statistic reports that people read faster in print form than digital form.
  • Some p-books are not published in digital form, especially older titles.

Do It Yourself Divination


Divination is the practice of foreseeing the future. Many diviners, however, work with the client’s past and present in order to clear the way for the future. The word divination is derived from the Latin root “divinus”, which means “divine” or “inspired by a god”. Sometimes divination is called fortune telling. Divination has been used throughout history and within various cultures in the form of reading events as signs or omens.

Anyone can practice divination. You don’t have to consider yourself a psychic even though everyone has intuitive capabilities. The more you use your intuition, the more developed your intuitive skills become. There are specific ways to enhance your intuitive skills such as reading intuitive instruction books, taking intuitive development classes, and practicing, practicing, practicing.

Use divination wisely. It has been proven in the study of quantum physics that just by focusing on the future we can alter its course. However, divination can be used as a tool to bring unconscious information from our subconscious and superconscious minds. By calming our mind and focusing our attention, we are able to open our conscious minds to new information. The act of divination and the use of tools to form patterns can greatly assist us in our focus.

There are many forms of divination but this article’s focus is on one particular form of casting lots. This practice of throwing items such as shells, stones, bones, sticks, beans, dice, coins, or cards, is called cleromancy or sortilege. The items may be thrown on the ground, on a mat or hide, or in a circle.

“Throwing the bones” is a slang term that originated from some indigenous cultures. The bones might consist of animal bones, stones, coins, cowrie shells, nuts, and other natural objects. “Bones” is also slang for dice, which may have originated from divination bones.


Here is a step by step process for creating your own divination system. Divination systems can be purchased but I have found that when I created my own system with meanings that I assigned to each item, my intuitive readings felt much more powerful and clear.

Step 1: Collect your objects. You can use any number of items you wish and they can be of any type. I use natural items so that I feel tapped into the nature spirits and the energy of mother earth. (See photo below.)

Step 2: Assign a meaning to each item. The meaning of each item can be obtained through simple intuition, meditation, or shamanic journeys. Make sure you record the meaning of each item in a journal.

Step 3: Pick a ground to throw on. Some suggestions for a ground to throw on would be a circle or square large enough to contain all the objects when thrown. Some objects may fall outside of the circle or square and that has as much meaning as those that fall within. You can draw a “grid” on paper or you can purchase a cloth to use as a ground. The Q’ero, the indigenous descendants of the Inka, weave a cloth called a four quarter cloth. It is a great ground to use for divination. (See photo below.)

Step 4: Ground yourself and create a sacred space. This is an important practice for protection purposes. When you are ready to begin a reading, do a grounding visualization. Then open sacred space by calling in your spirit protectors and guides. Ask them for their guidance and support during your divination session.

Step 5: Choose a question. Here are a few guidelines to help you formulate the question you want to ask during your divination session:

  • Ask one simple precise question at a time. Do not use compound questions, i.e. use “and” or “or” in the question.
  • Don’t ask “yes”, “no”, “should”, or “when” questions. You will get more precise information if you use questions that begin contain “who”, “what”, “where”, “why”, or “how”.
  • Only ask questions about yourself unless you have informed consent to ask questions on behalf of another soul.

Step 6: Cast objects on ground. As you consciously think about your question, throw the items on your ground.

Step 7: Interpret meaning. Your intuition is stimulated by focusing on the visual results of the items thrown. However, you may receive information through feelings, hearing, or thinking (knowing). For additional information about interpreting meaning, refer to Section #3 below.

Step 8: End the session. When your session is complete, gather up your items. You may want to clear them by some form of smudging with sage or Florida water. Keep them in a safe place. Thank and release all the spirit protectors and guides that assisted you during the session.

The photo below shows a set of items I created. They have been thrown on a Q’ero four quarter cloth.

DIY Divination

I will share the meaning of each item for example purpose only:

Stick – Male Acorn – Growth / Future
Cowrie Shell – Female Prickly Seed – Fire / South
Crystal – Thought Triangle Stone – Earth / West
Coral – Emotion Shell – Water / North
Pine Cone – Spirit Feather – Air / East
Eucalyptus – Ancestors / Past Corn – Abundance & Sustenance
Oval Stone – Foundation / Present Open Cone Pod – Possibilities

Acorn – Growth / Future
Prickly Seed – Fire / South
Triangle Stone – Earth / West
Shell – Water / North
Feather – Air / East
Corn – Abundance & Sustenance
Open Cone Pod – Possibilities


Many times Spirit passes messages to us in forms other than language such as metaphors and pictures. You may not be able to interpret the meaning of your thrown objects literally or the meaning may have an obscure message that will make more sense sometime in the future. You may want to record the results of your divination session in a journal for future reference.

There are two ways to derive meaning while “reading” the bones:

  1. Each item has a specific meaning. Note where the items fall in relation to each other and the significance of their meanings. What metaphors can be drawn from the location of each item?
  2. The overall pattern of the items after they are thrown. What is the meaning of their position and their relationship to other items on the ground?
    The figure below shows how meaning can be applied to the location and pattern of the items after they are thrown. I developed this grid after studying different sources including the psychology of art therapy and sand tray therapy. Don’t take this grid as gospel. You can develop your own meaning from the location of items on the ground.

Divination Grid

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What Everyone Ought to Know About the Energy Body


The Physical Body is the form that a soul takes while incarnated in the 3rd dimension (i.e. on Earth). The Physical Body consists of energy so dense that it can be felt and seen. However, the soul consists of more energetic layers than just the physical body.

According to spiritual, esoteric, occult, and mystical teachings, souls have a Physical Body and an Energy Body, commonly called a Subtle Body. The origin of Subtle Body teachings was principally Indian Yoga tradition, where it is described as sheaths that cover the immortal soul.

The Energy Body is known by various names in different spiritual traditions:

  • Christians call it the “Resurrection Body” or the “Glorified Body”.
  • Sufis call it the “most Sacred Body” (Wujud Al-aqdas) and the “Supra-celestial Body” (Jism Asli Haqiqi).
  • Taoists call it the “Diamond Body”. Those who have attained it are called “the Immortals” and “the Cloudwalkers.”
  • Yogic schools and Tantrics call it the “Divine Body.
  • Tibetan Buddhists call it the “Light Body” or “Rainbow Body” (Jalü or Jalus). The Tibetan Book of the Dead1 calls it the “Shining Body”.
  • Kriya Yogis call it the “Body of Bliss”.
  • Hermetics call it the “Immortal Body” (Soma Athanaton).
  • In the alchemical tradition, it is called the “Golden Body.”
  • In the Mithraic liturgy it is called the “Perfect Body.”
  • In Gnosticism it is called the “Radiant Body.”
  • In the Vedanta it is called the “Superconductive Body.”
  • The ancient Egyptians called it the “Luminous Body or Being” (akh) or the “Karast”.
  • Alberto Villoldo, a scientist and shaman, calls it the “Luminous Energy Field” (LEF). He says the LEF dwells outside of time having existed since before the beginning of time and endures throughout infinity. It manifests in time by creating new physical bodies lifetime after lifetime. The LEF contains imprints of a soul’s memories, traumas, and wounds from former lifetimes.
  • Clairvoyants see it as an aura or cloud of colored lights surrounding the Physical Body.

Our Energy Body is a luminous body. It is a vehicle that is used for traveling to other dimensions. The Energy Body is a vehicle of consciousness that exists as frequency levels on the subtle planes and as a yogic body that consists of ch’i or pranic energy (aura), energy vortexes (chakras) and energy channels (nadis or meridians). Astral projection and death are two ways to separate the energy body from the physical body.

The Energy Body can be separated into different layers. The number and names of the layers vary according to different spiritual models and theories. I have simplified the layers into 6 levels:

  1. Physical Body (aka The Gross Body, The Biological Body, The Dense Body, The Material Body)
  2. Etheric Body (aka The Life Force Body, The Auric Energy Fields)
  3. Astral Body (aka The Psychic Body)
  4. Emotional Body
  5. Mental Body (aka The Mind)
  6. Causal Body (aka The Higher Self, The Soul, The Spiritual Body, The Divine Body, Nirvana, The Celestial Body, The Cosmic Body)

The Energy Body is depicted in the graphic diagram below as having different layers that reside on various dimensions of consciousness. There is a portion of the energy body, called the Higher Self, that never descends to the physical body, but remains resident on the spiritual planes. The Higher Self retains all of a soul’s consciousness and memories.

Layers of the Energy Body

However, for the purpose of this article, it is not necessary to distinguish the different layers of the Subtle Body. The term Energy Body or EB will be used to refer to the Subtle Body and the term Physical Body or PB will be used to refer to the Physical Body.

This table summarizes the basic differences between the Energy Body and the Physical Body:

 Energy Body (EB)   Physical Body (PB)
Is formlessness. Has form.
Composed of energy as light. Composed of dense matter.
A product of past lives and between life experiences as well as karmic activity. A product of genetic material inherited from ancestors.
Memories are stored in the Akashic records. Memories are stored in the genes.
Has high energy, low density. Has low energy, high density.
Can be seen or experienced through the 6th sense (3rd eye/intuition). Can be seen by the physical eye and felt through the 5 senses.
Stores trauma from past lifetimes. Stores trauma from the current incarnation.
Exists in timelessness. Exists in linear time.
Does not age and does not die. Ages and dies.
Is immortal and is kept over many lifetimes. Is mortal and kept only for the current incarnation.
You take it with you when you die. You leave it on Earth when you die.
Eternal. Is carried in between lives and through multiple lives. Temporary. Only lasts one lifetime.
Exists on the higher planes of existence (i.e. the spiritual world). Exists on the Physical Plane (i.e. the 3rd dimension).
Has a connected oneness identity. Has a separate ego identity.
Is motivated from within. Is subject to external laws.

The Energy Body is usually described as a round, egg-shaped, or asymmetrical energy field. Although formless, it carries characteristics with it. Sometimes those characteristics are in synch with the Physical Body and sometimes they are different. Instances where the Energy Body does not match the Physical Body are:

1. Individuals whose physical body weight does not match their mental picture. An example is someone diagnosed as anorexic. The mirror indicates the physical body is of an acceptable weight, but the mental picture is that the body is “fat”. In reverse, many overweight people are surprised when their body cannot fit between two objects because their mental picture does not match the Physical Body.

2. Individuals that have physical disabilities. An example is someone that has had a limb amputated. The feelings and sensations of the limb still exist. In fact, a Kirlian photograph of a leaf that has been cut in half still shows the complete, intact energy fields of the whole leaf.

3. Individuals that feel young at heart. Have you ever looked in a mirror and been shocked at how old you look because when you look out on the world from behind your eyes, you see the world from a much younger perspective? How many times has an older individual suffered a physical injury from overdoing a physical activity that was perfectly easy to do when they were much younger? Many individuals in contact with souls on the spiritual plane see them to be about 30 years of age. Even though the Energy Body exists outside of Time, perhaps it does so in a state similar to a Physical Body of 30 years.

4. Individuals that feel they are part human, part animal. Mythology is full of examples of therianthropes such as centaurs, minotaurs, mermaids, fauns, sphinxes, satyrs, and Ganesha. In fact anyone could feel part mineral, plant, or animal as well as human.

5. Individuals that feel they are of a different culture or race than the physical body displays. Many people have a very strong identification with different cultures, skin color, and physical shapes than the ones they were physically born with. An example of this may have been Michael Jackson. He underwent many cosmetic procedures to alter his Physical Body to match the image of his Energy Body.

6. Individuals that feel they have a different gender than the physical body. Sex is usually defined as the biological or physical body, i.e. it is produced by one’s DNA. Gender, however, is a mental definition. Many people have a Physical Body that correlates to their feeling of gender i.e. females feel feminine and identify as female and males feel masculine and identify as males. However, there are a lot of individuals that do not have a Physical Body that matches their feelings and thoughts, in other words the Physical Body does not match the Energy Body. Many of these individuals identify as transsexual, transgender, intersexed, or gender fluid.

The most common instances where the Physical Body does not match the Energy Body are illustrated below.

Energy Body vs Physical Body

People tend to ostracize, stigmatize, and shame individuals who are different. Many times difference is a result of the Energy Body not matching the Physical Body. If taken and individual takes on the judgments of others, they will lodge in the Energy Body as body stories. Body stories are energy blocks or blocked energy imprints that eventually migrate into the Physical Body and manifest in the form of dis-ease.

We must stop looking only at the shells of people, which is the Physical Body, and begin to honor the energy that we feel, which is the Energy Body. As the Energy Body is acknowledged by others, the more at peace an individual will feel.

The Energy Body houses our true Nature. Changing it would be like trying to carry a mountain home with you. Instead, wouldn’t it be much simpler and smarter to travel to the mountain? So how does one take steps to build the bridge between the Energy Body and the Physical Body?

Bridging is bringing awareness from one side to the other. Once a bridge is created between the identities of the two bodies, both bodies become validated. The Energy Body can expand because it is acknowledged and the Physical Body becomes healthier because energy is flowing freely. The more solid the bridge, the easier it becomes to cross back and forth and integrate the two sides.

There are two grand advantages to being aware of your Energy Body:

1. Western medicine only focuses on treating the Physical Body. If you are educated about your Energy Body, you can implement ways to maintain a healthy one. For instance, you can learn about ways to create a healthy energy body for yourself or go to practitioners who are experienced in energy medicine techniques. For instance, I offer Energy Body Tune-ups, which include: aura repair, chakra restoration, grounding cord check, and a Reiki fill up. Deeper energy work may be indicated and could include power restoration, energy extraction, and soul retrieval work.

2. Acknowledging the existence of the Energy Body will broaden your perception. Many indigenous people look to Condor and Eagle as teachers showing us not only how to fly high enough to see the big picture but how to fly wingtip to wingtip with Spirit. This is a metaphor for knowing that the Physical Body is a very small part of our soul. Our existence extends all the way into the spiritual world and is forever eternal. When we tap into the consciousness of our Higher Self, we are able to see a much bigger picture, because the view is from the spiritual plane.

Here are some steps to building a bridge between the Energy Body and the Physical Body:
1. Awaken – Awareness can be a simple introduction such as saying “Hello, I see and feel you” to both Bodies.

2. Acknowledge – Done through unconditional love and acceptance. Try some of these activities:

  • Perform positive affirmations daily.
  • Banish negative thoughts and self-talk whenever it begins.
  • Do guided meditations, mantras, and individual meditations.
  • Seek out and surround yourself with non-judgmental people who practice unconditional love and acceptance.
  • Throw a tea party for all your Bodies to celebrate their uniqueness and diversity.

3. Align – Done on both the energetic level or on a physical level. Your Physical Body gets fed every day. But how do you feed your Energy Body daily? Find out what makes your Energy Body happy and nourish it regularly. Energetic alignment methods can include:

  • Grounding Meditations and Exercises: Grounding on a daily basis puts you in your Physical Body.
  • Develop Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming skills.
  • Go on Shamanic Journeys. Shamans are very good at understanding transformation and metamorphosis, living between the worlds, and bridging different realities.
  • Receive Massages: Reiki for the Energy Body and other body therapies for the Physical Body.
  • Receive Energy Healings such as aura-chakra cleansings, shamanic healings, and various other forms of energy medicine and therapies.
  • Do Shapeshift exercises: Examples are ecstatic dancing, creating masks and costumes that celebrate your Energy Body, tattooing the physical body with energy body characteristics, changing the Physical Body through cosmetics, clothes, hair style, surgery, or any other physical means.

1. The Energy Body merges with the Physical Body at birth and leaves the Physical Body at death. The Energy Body remains connected to the Physical Body during incarnation through energetic systems such as the aura, chakras, and meridians. When the Energy Body leaves, the Physical Body sleeps or dies. If the Energy Body leaves the Physical Body temporarily, it is called Astral Projection. If the Energy Body leaves the Physical Body permanently it is called Death. Psychopomps help the Energetic Body leave the Physical Body at death and seal the Physical Body chakras so the Energetic Body does not return.

2. The Energy Body has many layers. The inner most layer is the closest to the Physical Body and the outer most layer extends into the 5th dimension (spiritual plane). This layer is the Higher Self that never incarnates into a Physical Body. The Higher Self retains memory of all lifetimes and all time between lives.

3. The Physical Body is made of slow, dense energy so it can be seen by the physical eye. The Energy Body is made of faster, higher vibrating energy and can be seen by some through the 3rd eye. Some basic energy systems of the Energy Body include the chakra system, the aura, and the meridians.

4. When the Energy Body overlays the Physical Body at birth it only brings a portion of the soul’s energy. Some energy always remains in the outer layer, i.e. in the 5th dimension.

5. The Energy Body is the vehicle that carries our consciousness from one lifetime to another and holds our consciousness in between lives. It also carries imprints of past life Physical Bodies including physical characteristics and traumatic injuries. The Energy Body can also house imprints of impending dis-eases. If the cause of the dis-ease is not identified and healed, the dis-ease will descend into the Physical Body.

6. The Energy Body receives and sends energy. This is a form of communication that is in addition to the standard forms of communication that most of us are familiar with and use every day, such as verbal and body language. The energy body “gives off vibes” and these vibrations are received by the universe. The Law of Manifestation states that what vibration you give out is what you will attract back to you.

7. The Energy Body can “feel” the same as the Physical Body can. Have you ever felt angry or frustrated when someone has cut you off in traffic or in line at the market? Even though they have not touched your Physical Body, you are reacting to the sudden intrusion of their energy touching your Energy Body. People can send energy “whacks” to you simply by giving you the “evil eye” or sending you a nasty thought.

8. The Energy Body may not match the Physical Body. For instance, individuals may have a different gender identity (energetic level) than biological sex (physical level). Some Energy Bodies may be larger than Physical Bodies (anorexia) or may be smaller than Physical Bodies (obesity). The Energy Body can even retain feelings when a physical limb is lost through amputation.

9. Western medicine practitioners will only treat the Physical Body. To receive Energy Body treatments, an individual must visit alternative health providers or Eastern medicine practitioners that are knowledgeable about the energy body.

10. The more the Energy Body can be integrated with the Physical Body, the more whole and healthy a person will feel. Acknowledging the Energy Body is a big step towards integrating it with the Physical Body.

11. Healers that are trained in energy medicine techniques can provide clearing, healing, and maintenance for the Energy Body. They also can provide a daily energy body tune-up regime for an individual to follow.

12. The Energy Body is the one thing you will never shed and will be with you always. It is ageless and eternal. Therefore you will want to maintain the healthiest Energy Body you can so treat your Energy Body well!

On the physical plane, the Physical Body inherits genetic material from thousands of generations of ancestors. On the spiritual plane, the Energy Body inherits wisdom from many past lives and between lives times. We choose our Physical Bodies before birth in order to experience specific lessons while incarnated. But even then, our current Physical Bodies tend to resemble our Past Life Bodies. Perhaps the reason is that when the Energy Body overlays the Physical Body during incarnation, it affects the look of the current Physical Body. So why would we even think of negatively judging ourselves and others based on what the Physical Body looks like?

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Projections become Reflections: The Grand Mirror of Life


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The Grand Mirror
I will tell you the key to success, happiness, and fulfillment. It’s so basic that it’s unbelievable. It has a 100% success rate if followed. And I am telling you this for free. Here it is:

What you put out, you get back. How you think of yourself, is how the world will treat you.

It’s that simple. The world is a huge mirror and returns to you exactly what you think you deserve. Another way to put it is, as you do your personal work, you raise your vibration. The higher the level you vibrate at, the higher the level of vibrations you will attract. The foundation of doing your personal work is changing your perspective. About everything.

The 4 steps to manifesting anything you want:
1. Know Yourself Learn all you can about yourself. Travel your subconscious for hidden memories. Heal past pain & trauma.
2. Love Yourself Unconditionally. Constantly. Know you deserve the best.
3. Be Yourself Serve yourself. Honor your boundaries. Be authentic by extracting others’ voices & influences.
4. Share Yourself Be of service to others. Share your gifts with the universe. Shine your light.

5 “W” and 1 “H” questions to ask on your journey of self-discovery:
1. Who am I?
2. Why am I here now?
3. Where am I going?
4. When do I step fully into my self-power?
5. What is my gift?
6. How much self-sourcing and support do I need for this journey?

There are many roads to self-empowerment. Some suggestions are:
1. Develop your personal skills (intuition, meditation, contemplation, etc.)
2. Do your personal work (classes, bodywork, therapies, past life sessions, etc.)
3. Do your homework (reading, researching, study, astrological analysis, etc.)
4. Maintain a daily spiritual practice (ritual, ceremony, prayer, acts of spiritual service, gratitude, etc.)

Treasure Trove
Seeking your fortune ends in finding yourself. Knowing and loving yourself is the greatest gift you will ever find. Because you are the treasure at the end of the rainbow. Each one of us is a treasure trove of talent, love, and light.

“In the hall of mirrors, you are everywhere. Which is the real you? Find your original Self, the one who perceives all the reflections and is amused by them. Then you will recognize your path and walk it.” –Alberto Villoldo

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Energy Body Dis-Functions Treated through Shamanic Energy Medicine



Energy medicine is the use of energy to activate the body’s natural healing energies to restore weak, disturbed, blocked, or out of balance energies. An energy medicine practitioner acts as a conduit for healing energy on the body’s energetic systems. Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine, has identified 9 energetic systems associated with the body. To simplify, I have categorized the energy systems into the following 4 categories:

1. Energy Networks – Meridians are the body’s energy bloodstream consisting of 14 channels that carry energy into, through, and out of the body. Acupuncture points along these meridians can be stimulated with needles or pressure to redistribute energy along the meridian pathway. The Celtic weave (the Ida and Pingala) is a spiraling figure-8 network that runs throughout and around the body to keep all the energy systems functioning as a single unit. The Electrics help charge and connect the other systems at an electrical level.

2. Energy Centers – The chakras are concentrated centers or vortexes of energy that act like transformers to step down the higher energy of the aura into the lower energy of the meridian system. There are 12 major chakras and over 100 minor chakras.

3. Energy Fields – The aura is a multi-layered (usually 7) shell of energy that brings in energy from the environment to your chakras and sends energy from your chakras outward. It is a protective shell. The basic grid is the body’s foundational energy that all other energy systems ride on. The radiant circuits are fluid fields that ensure that all other energy systems are working for the common good and redistribute energies to where they are most needed.

4. Energetic Rhythms – Known in Chinese medicine as the 5 elements (water, wood, fire, earth, and metal), a person’s primary rhythm, in combination with the changing rhythms of life’s seasons, directs the ambience of the entire energy system.

Every organ, tissue, gland, and cell in the body depend on a regular and supply of this energy in order to sustain life. The body’s energy flow can become restricted or blocked by physical trauma, emotional trauma, surgery, disease, stress, or fear. Over time these energy blocks create dis-ease, emotional and mental disorder, and/or spiritual disconnection. Energy medicine can restore and maintain the body’s energy systems by means of tapping, massaging, pinching, twisting, or connecting specific energy points on the skin; by tracing or swirling the hand over the skin along specific energy pathways; through exercises or postures designed for specific energetic effects; by focused use of the mind to move specific energies; and/or by surrounding an area with healing energies.

Symptoms that there may be dis-function in the energy systems can range from being very subtle to being overwhelming. They include:

  • Fatigue, weakness, or lack of vitality
  • Chronic physical pains or illnesses
  • Depression, anxiety, restlessness, emptiness, or panic
  • Unresolved fears, nightmares, or interruptions to sleep
  • Sudden changes in behavior or feelings you are not your usual self
  • Feelings of being off balance, unfocused, ungrounded, or judgmental
  • Feeling of being disconnected from Others, Spirit, and/or Nature
  • Survivor of a trauma

Symptoms that there may be dis-function in the spiritual realm include:

  • Lack of integrity, honesty, compassion, understanding, courage, or strength
  • Lack of self-respect and self-esteem
  • Lack of spiritual activities
  • Lack of respect or tolerance for other human beings
  • A sense of not belonging anywhere or a lack of sense of community
  • Cruel and violent behavior towards other human beings
  • Disregard for the needs of Mother Earth and the universe
  • Physical, emotional and sexual abuse
  • Not knowing your purpose for being
  • The worship of material objects

The shortcoming of Western medicine is that the energy body is ignored whereas in Eastern medicine it is very integrated. For example, Chinese medicine is based on the theories of chi (energy) and Aruveyda is based on theories of prana (energy). So if a Westerner wants to heal on an energetic level, s/he must seek out a specialist. A specialist who is trained to work with the energy body is called a shamanic and/or energy medicine practitioner.

A shamanic practitioner facilitates healing of the soul or spirit. S/he specialized in working on crystallized and fluid energy, spirit possession, and missing soul parts (dis-functions 1 – 4 illustrated below). An energy medicine practitioner facilitates healing of the energy body. S/he specialized in working on ungrounded energy, damaged energy centers, pathways, and fields (dis-functions 5 – 9 shown below). A shamanic energy medicine practitioner facilitates healing for both modalities.

There is a natural overlap between shamanic practice and energy medicine practice. These two modalities can be combined to create powerful treatments that address a wide range of spiritual and energetic circumstances.

Below are listed the spiritual and energetic dis-functions that can occur in the energy body:

Crystallized Energy  1 Crystallized Energy – Toxic energies can crystallize in the energy body. Crystallized energies are metaphoric entities used by a sorceress and angry people wishing ill will in form of psychic attacks or curses. They can be in the form of blow gun darts, spiders, insects, snakes, etc. Or a crystallized energy can be remnants of past life memories of how our injuries, wounds, and deaths. Solution: Extraction of crystallized energies, inject positive energy, and repair aura.

Spirit Attachments 2 Fluid Energy & Spirit Attachments – Fluid energies can be aliens, astral entities (human-like, animals, bugs, astral parasites, or thought forms), dark force entities (dark angels or demons), devas, fairies, elementals, soul fragments, or undines. Spirit entities are deceased humans who are trapped in the “middle world” and have not “gone to the light”. Solution: Extraction of fluid energies and spirit attachments, inject positive energy, and repair aura. Some soul retrieval work may also be necessary.

Soul Retrieval 3 Missing Soul Parts – During a trauma, soul pieces have been separated and placed away from the energy body in a “safe” place or left at the scene of the trauma. Also, some individuals may have “stolen” or “borrowed” soul pieces from you. Solution: Recover soul pieces via soul retrieval.

Soul Release 4 Foreign Soul Fragments – Just as someone else can hold on to a piece of our soul, so you can be holding on to soul fragments of another individual’s soul. Most often these parts belong to a close lover, friend, or family member that has moved on. In order to clear and purify your own energy body, it is important to release that energy. Solution: Extraction of foreign soul fragments, inject positive energy, and repair aura.

Ungrounded Energy 5 Ungrounded Energy Body – Grounding cord between our energetic body and Mother Earth is broken or damaged. Solution: Repair or create grounding cord.

Chakras 6 Damaged or Blocked Energy Centers – The energy centers of the body may be blocked, damaged, weak, too small, irregularly shaped, or spinning counter-clockwise. Solution: Repair chakras.

Meridians 7 Damaged or Blocked Energy Pathways – The energy meridians and grids may be blocked, damaged, or weak. Solution: Repair meridians and grids.

Energetic Cords 8 Energetic Cords between Energy Bodies – Energetic cords exist between energy bodies. Solution: Cut all cords that do not serve you. (Excludes cords to a person’s own children.)

Aura 9 Damaged or Weak Energy Fields – Aura deviations can include blobs, bulges, bright spots, cold spots, hot spots, color splotches, dark spots, dense energy, dense energy, hazy areas, elongations, holes, clusters, pulsations, points of light and darkness, voids, agitation, lack of symmetry, tentacles, fissures, arcs, geometric forms, and flimsy, jagged, or wavy edges. Solution: Repair aura.

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Universal Laws of the Universe



I have found 217 Universal Laws of the Universe (which are listed at the end of this blog). Universal Laws are principles that have no exceptions and if there seems to be exceptions, they are really misinterpretations of the law. All of the universal laws were created at the beginning of the Universe, exist now, and will exist throughout the life of the Universe (into eternity).

I have combined a few of the most important (based on my opinion) into three categories below. I believe that the three categories cover the forces of karma, the laws of manifestation, and the concept that we are all connected. These three categories represent the very foundation of spiritual belief and soul evolution.

Law of Correspondence: As within so without, as above so below

As within, so without.
As above, so below.
Patterns and cycles repeat themselves on all scales from microcosms and macrocosms. The inner and outer worlds are intimately connected. In other words, the world is a big ole mirror reflecting yourself right back at you.

Law of Unity: All is one, one is all

All is one, one is all.
Every existing phenomenon is linked to every other one in past, present, or future. In other words, we are all related and everything happens for a reason. Mitakuye Oasin.

Law of Cause and Effect

For every action there is a reaction.
As you sow, so shall you reap.
Every cause has its effect and every effect has its cause. The effect resembles its cause.
We all have free choice to receive what we want so we need to be aware of what we put out to the universe because the boomerang effect return everything to us. The Golden Rule and its variations can also be created from this law. Treat others as you want to be treated because that is how you will be treated.

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Entity Protection & Clearing



Spirit Releasement

Unfortunately, most of us were not educated about entities as we were growing up. Most people try to avoid the subject because of its unpleasantness and scariness. However, the best way to deal with entities is to be completely informed and then to face them. They only have power over you if you give them permission to.

Awareness is the best defense! Being aware of and actively protecting yourself through intention is the best way to stay entity free. Each of us has control over our own personal space consisting of the physical and energetic bodies. When we are not feeling completely empowered and passionate, then we become susceptible to entities.

The best way to determine if you have an entity in your physical or energy body is to have a session with a spirit releasement expert. Most shamanic practitioners and many hypnotherapists are trained to do this work. In this short article I will present a process for you to release any entities that you suspect are in your space. If you feel you were not successful, then make an appointment with a shamanic practitioner or healer that works in spirit releasement.


There are many types of spirits and entities. Some of them are positive and supporting of you. These are ones that will never try to exert their will on you or your path. They support you from outside of your energetic body. Others that are not positive are at best in a symbiotic relationship with you or at worst are using your resources for their benefit. These entities will infiltrate your energy body and can cause all types of symptoms (as listed in the next section). Here is a list of spirits and entities:

  • Allies: Muses, Archetypes, Shining Ones, Collective Unconscious
  • Ancestors & Relatives
  • Animal Spirits: Messenger Animals, Shadow Animals, Journey Animals, Life Animals, Power Animals
  • Ascended Masters & Avatars
  • Beings: Discarnate, Incarnate, & Inter-dimensional
  • Constructs & Projections
  • Devas & Nature Spirits
  • Elementals & Fairies/Faeries
  • Fallen Angels or Demons
  • Ghosts, Phantoms, & Poltergeists
  • The Great Spirit/Source/Creator & Deities
  • Higher Self, Inner Child, Past Self, and Future Self
  • Intergalactic and Extra-terrestrial Beings
  • Master Teachers & Teacher Guides: Healers, Protectors, Runners, Messengers, Alchemists, Guardians, Door or Gate Keepers, Controllers, Joy Guides
  • Saints, Angels, Guardian Angels, Archangels
  • Personal Spirit Guides
  • Soul Relationships: Soul Mate, Twin Soul, Twin Flame, Spiritual Mate, Cosmic Soul, Causal Soul, Companion Soul


Here is a list of symptoms that might be a result of entity possession. Muscle testing can be used to determine whether your symptom is related to entity possession. If you have been to Western medical practitioners and they have ruled out physical dis-ease, then the chances are even greater you have at least one entity “on board”.

  • Low energy level
  • Character shifts or mood swings
  • Abuse of drugs, including alcohol
  • Impulsive and compulsive behavior
  • Memory problems and poor concentration
  • Migraine headaches
  • Panic or anxiety attacks
  • Night terrors and nightmares
  • Icy cold feeling
  • Anomalous sexual behavior
  • Clenched knot feeling
  • Depression
  • Suicidal
  • Shaking and trembling
  • Pessimism
  • Loss of confidence
  • Victim mentality
  • Multiple personalities
  • Visitations at night
  • Fears and phobias
  • Feelings of depersonalization or dissociation (not feeling like oneself)
  • Personality changes
  • Hearing inner voices (usually negative)
  • Unexplained or unusual negative emotions/thoughts
  • Social withdrawal
  • Lingering grief after loved ones pass over
  • Symptoms that occur suddenly with no explanation (physical/mental/emotional)
  • A feeling of being watched / Not being alone
  • Person using pronoun “we” when talking
  • Unexplained physical problems such as pain from an undetermined cause
  • New phobias or aversions
  • New allergies
  • New food cravings or taste preferences
  • New attitudes or prejudices
  • Serious illness of unknown cause
  • Sudden onset of anxiety or depression
  • Sudden onset of physical problems with no obvious cause
  • Sudden weight gain especially after surgery or a traumatic event
  • Sudden changes in behavior such as increased anger, depression and thoughts of suicide
  • Sudden cravings for alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc. especially after surgery or a traumatic event.


If you suspect you have an entity and cannot get to a professional, try this procedure. If you don’t have an entity, there is nothing to lose by performing this process.

1. Prepare Yourself – Remove distractions from your mind. Sit peacefully in a quiet place. Stare at a candle or close your eyes. Speak aloud or mentally. You can call in Reiki energies, angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, and power animals for assistance. You can create a column of light to vacuum or cleanse the many layers of your energy field and body. Imagine that all rips or tears of your energy bubble are repaired, the energy blockages removed, and cords no longer needed are released.

2. Discovery – Identify which type of attachment it is? Earthbound entity, a non-human entities, or a mind fragment from a past life? Ask the spirit what its name is, how it manifests in the body, when it became attached, and why it chose to attach.

3. Dialogue – Help the human spirit by giving it incentive to move on. Mentally direct lost souls towards helpers on the other side and/or instruct the lost soul to head for the Light. It is unethical to force an entity to the Light against their will. Most of the time love, support, and education will help them decide to go. Show non-human entities how to use their own spark to overcome fear of the Light. Say:

  • If there are spirits who do not belong here, listen to me. I know where you can go to have, be, or do anything you want. We both want the perfect home for you where you will be safe and happy. [Co-create the perfect place for the entity to go. You may need to spend some time convincing the entity they must leave.]
  • If you don’t like it there you can leave. The only thing you can’t do is come back to me or my house. I’m clearing myself and my house now and putting up protection. If you are someone I love, I know I can visit you and you can look out for me from there.
  • We’re going to do this right now. Think of the perfect place for you. Think whether you want a others there to welcome you or if you want to be alone and find your own way. When I count to 3 you will be there: 1-2-3.


4. Release – The Spirit may go to the Light or may go to another place in another dimension where they will be comfortable. Have them notice any familiar or trustworthy guides (such as angels) that come to meet them and guide them.

5. Sealing with Energy– Once the entity has moved, immediately visualize yourself filling with White Light that fills up your physical body and energetic body. Also visualize a grounding cord running from the root chakra into Mother Earth. Perform Reiki on yourself. Drink plenty of water. You may even want to take a shower or Epsom salt bath. Rest and relax for the rest of the day.

6. Integration – Ongoing personal work will insure that you stay entity-free. As part of this work, a soul retrieval is highly recommended. How you feel after an extraction and how long it takes to recover varies greatly with each individual. Allow a week to pass and if your symptoms persist, consult a professional healer for assistance.

Here is a short list of very quick and easy ways to protect yourself. The best defense is to maintain a daily practice that is simple and easy but effective for you.

  • Setting your intention and placing your attention.
  • Avoid places where lower level energy entities hang out.
  • Fold your arms across your solar plexus, cross your ankles.
  • Hold up a shield or mirror (physical or visualized).
  • Stand under a shower or visualize a shower of light.
  • Smudge yourself with sagebrush, spray yourself with Florida water and/or burn a joss stick.
  • Carry a mental sword of protection.
  • Carry black tourmaline, amber, or black obsidian.
  • Use a rattle, Tibetan bowl, or symbols.
  • Ground yourself and surroundings daily.
  • Run Reiki or Earth energy.
  • Strengthen and/or adjust the size of your aura and adjust your chakras. Electrify the outer edges of your aura.
  • Cloak your light with a black all-enveloping veil.
  • Call on your guardian or your power animal to accompany you.
  • Anchor your grounding cord deep into the Earth.
  • To stop unwanted channeling cover your crown chakra and close all your chakras.

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The Use of Bones in Shamanic Practice


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The hollow bone is a figure of speech that represents a concept of healing in shamanic and complementary healing practices. Anyone that is trained as a Reiki practitioner knows how to be a “hollow bone”. The healer assumes a passive role because s/he is an energetic conduit that connects the Healing Spirits or Universal Healing Energy to the client. A good healer knows that there are 3 pieces to the healing equation:

The Healing Spirits: Healing Spirits have all the wisdom required for healing available to them. In addition, they have unlimited access to the Akashic records that store every bit of information in the Universe. They work through the hands and minds of incarnated healers.

The Healer/Practitioner: The healer/practitioner is the facilitator of the healing session. All shamanic practitioners as well as some healers from other traditions, have one or more Healing Spirits that they work with. During a session, these Healing Spirits are called in by the practitioner to work through the healer’s hands and intuition to assist with the client.

The Client: The power to heal is resident in every one. A good healer/practitioner supports the client as s/he activates their own healing power from within.

The bridger bone is a figure of speech that represents a concept that I created of connecting the Ancestors to the Descendants. While, the hollow bone is a passive role for the shamanic practitioner, the bridger bone is an active role that bridges incarnated and discarnated souls, ancestors, and descendants. The shamanic practitioner is the link or bridger bone in the following ways:

1. During shamanic training, a practitioner learns that healing themselves and others can also affect 7 generations backwards and 7 generations forwards. In other words, many issues incarnated souls are facing are generational pieces. A pattern can be passed from generation to generation. If the practitioner or client heals this piece, it breaks the pattern, thereby releasing karma for ancestors and descendants that are physically connected by blood to an individual.

2. Any past life or future life healing work that is done in sessions affects our energetic ancestors and descendants. The same principle discussed in #1 applies to #2, except now I am talking about ancestors and descendants of our past life bodies. I call these ancestors and descendants energetic because they may or may not be related to our current body by blood. Since we incarnate with most of the people that are close to us many times, some of our energetic ancestors can also be blood ancestors.

“Parents are the bones on which children cut their teeth.” –Peter Ustinov

The bone dance or skeleton dance is performed by shamanic practitioners in training. The dance is a shamanic journey where the practitioner dances to a drum beat. The drummer guides the practitioner by instructing him/her to dismember their physical body, including skin, hair, muscles, organs, everything except the bones. The practitioner continues to dance as a skeleton completely stripped of everything physical. Then the drummer instructs the practitioner to begin re-membering the physical body, returning organs, muscles, hair, and skin but this time creating the physical body of desire, a body that is free of all the old patterns and energetic imprints, a body that is now ready to serve the shamanic practitioner in their service and spiritual journey.

Ashes from ceremonial fires are the physical representation of the Ancestors. Shamanic practitioners maintain a collection of ashes. They collect ashes from every ceremonial fire they attend. They may be gifted some ashes from established practitioners. As the ashes are passed from generation to generation, the ashes date back thousands of years.

The firekeeper collects ashes after they have cooled, which is usually the day after a fire ceremony. The bigger charcoal pieces, called the ancestors’ bones, can be sifted out and the gray ash is retained. Each time a ceremonial fire is prepared, the firekeeper will place a bit of ash from his/her collection to it. In this way, the ancestral line is never broken.

A soul catcher is used by some Northwest Coast shamans from the Tsimshian, Haida, and Tlinglit tribes. Soul catchers are often made from a hollow bone with slightly flaring ends and carved images of the shaman’s spiritual helpers. Each end of the soul catcher is resembles the head of an open-mouthed creature. A soul catcher is can be worn around the neck and is used to retrieve lost souls from the spirit world. It contains the captured soul within it, plugged in place with wads of shredded cedar bark or other material, until it is returned to the client. Illness or other forms of imbalance that are attributed to spirit intervention or possession may cause soul loss. There are different ways in which a soul catcher may be used:

1. The shaman inhales the client’s soul into the bone cylinder and holds it there with plugs while performing purification ceremonies to ward off illness or evil spirits. After the purification, the shaman places the bone cylinder against the client’s skin and blows the healed soul back into the client.

2. The Tlingits believe that an individual’s soul departs from the body during sleep. Illness can occur whenever the soul cannot find its way back. The shaman waves a soul catcher in the air outside of the client’s hut. The soul is snared and trapped in its hollow core. The shaman then corks the open ends. The soul catcher is placed on the client’s chest where the soul reunites with the client.

3. An individual’s soul can be lost while dreaming or driven out by sorcery. To prevent illness from invading an empty body, a shaman uses the soul catcher to capture the soul and restore it through the client’s mouth.

Throwing the bones is a form of divination that has its origin in hoodoo practices and some indigenous cultures. The bones consist of animal bones, as well as stones, coins, cowrie shells, nuts, and other natural objects. “Bones” is also slang for dice, which may have originated from divination bones.

Shagai (Complicated Fortune Telling) is a Mongolian practice of using 4 sheep knuckle bones to give 36 possible answers for a question. Zulu sangoma and other South African tribal diviners use a large set of bones with other natural curios.

Any animal bones may be used however chicken is quite common. Each bone may have a meaning and meaning can be read into the pattern of the bones when they are thrown. The bones may be thrown on a mat, a hide, or in a circle.

Bones may be ritually manipulated for the purposes of manifestation or banishment for oneself or a client. Bones may also be used to psychometrically communicate through with spirits.

In some cultures, bones are used for reading oracles. Cooked bones (usually the shoulder blade of a sheep or similar animal) are scraped clean and then interpreted. Or they may be put into the fire where the marks and cracks are interpreted.

The Foundation of Shamanic Studies offers an amazing class called Shamanic Divination, where the practitioner journeys to find the meaning of each of 8 objects that are then used for divination with clients. I found this to be a very powerful way to access my intuition when doing readings. The power of it comes from the natural items that have a custom meaning known only to me and my Spirit Guides. Go to this link: http://shamanism.org/workshops/calendar.php?Wkshp_ID=24

If you want to purchase a starter set of bones, Lucky Mojo offers kits or individual pieces as well as instruction books. Go to this link: www.luckymojo.com/throwingthebones.html


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