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Days Diversity
Let us honor those who have the courage to walk their unique personal paths on these memorial days that have been identified to raise awareness about individuals with diverse gender and sexual identities. Not sure what all the identities are about? Look up their definition and pride flags in my glossaries on Gender and Sexual Identities at http://www.soulsexalchemy.com.

February LGBT* History Month (UK)
February Gay Mardi Gras in New Orleans
February (First full week after Feb 14) Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week
February (Week starting Sun/Mon surrounding Feb 14) Non-Binary Awareness Week
March Bisexual Health Awareness Month
March 1 Zero Discrimination Day
March 8 International Women’s’ Day
March (Third Week) LGBT* Health Awareness Week
March 24 Day of Blood (Gallae, eunuch priests, made their offerings to Cybele & Attis in ancient Rome)
March 31 National Day of Transgender Visibility
April (Second Wednesday) International Day of Pink
April (Second Friday) Day of Silence to Protest Bullying
April 6 International Asexuality Day
April 8 Transgender Day of Empowerment
April 22 Ecosexual Day
April 26 Lesbian Visibility Day
May 16 National Honor LGBT+ Elders
May 17 International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia, & Transphobia
May 18 HIV Vaccine Awareness Day
May 19 Agender Pride Day
May 22 Harvey Milk Day
May 24 Pansexual & Panromantic Awareness or Visibility Day
June LGBT+ Pride Month:
        June 1 Gay Day
        June 2 Lesbian Day
        June 3 Bisexual Day
        June 4 Polysexual Day
        June 5 Pansexual Day
        June 6 Omnisexual Day
        June 7 Ceterosexual / Skoliosexual Day
        June 8 Demisexual Day
        June 9 Grey Ace (Asexual) Day
        June 10 Asexual Day
        June 11 Polyamorous Day
        June 12 Intersex Day
        June 13 Trans MTF Day
        June 14 Trans FTM Day
        June 15 Agender Day
        June 16 Genderfluid Day
        June 17 Bigender Day
        June 18 Trigender Day
        June 19 Pangender Day
        June 20 Genderqueer Day
        June 21 Demigirl Day
        June 22 Demiboy Day
        June 23 Androgyne Day
        June 24 Intergender Day
        June 25 Non-binary Day
        June 26 Questioning Day
        June 27 Homoromantic Day
        June 28 Biromantic Day
        June 29 Panromantic Day
        June 30 Aromantic Day
June 5 HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day
June 12 Pulse Night of Remembrance
June 27-28 Stonewall Riots Anniversary
July 1 Chameleosexual Day
July 2 Abrosexual Day
July 14 International Non-Binary People’s Day
July 16 International Drag Day
August Compton Cafeteria Riots Anniversary
August 19 Trans Flag Day
August Last Friday Wear It Purple Day
September or October (TBD) Ally Week
September (Third Week) Bisexual Awareness Week
September 18 HIV/AIDS & Aging Awareness Day
September 23 Bisexual Visibility Day & Celebrate Bisexuality Day
September 27 Gay Mens’ HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
October LGBT History Month
October (Third Week) Genderfluid Visibility Week
October (Final Week) Ace (Asexual) Awareness Week
October (Third Wednesday) International Pronouns Day
October (Third Thursday) Spirit Day (Day Against Bullying)
October 8 Lesbian Day
October 11 National Coming Out Day
October 26 Intersex Awareness Day
November Trans Awareness Month
November (Second Week) Trans Awareness Week
November (First Sunday) Trans Parent Day
November 8 Intersex Solidarity Day & Intersex Day of Remembrance
November 19 International Men’s’ Day
November 20 Transgender Day of Remembrance
December 1 World Aids Day
December 8 Pansexual Pride Day
December 28 Trans Youth Day

Days LGBT June

List Compiled by Drake Bear Stephen in 2022 http://www.SoulSexAlchemy.com