Stones are carved stones that are created by the indigenous people of the Peruvian Andes. They have been used for practical as well as sacred tools. In this book you will read about the original uses for the stones as well as discover the mystery and majesty of modern practices for them. These fascinating stones are energetic companions that can be used to activate, animate, and move energy within different grids of time, dimensions, and portals.

The Chumpi Stone Guidebook is a reference guide about these sacred stones as well as other carved items. It is also an exploration of how to integrate these stones into your 21st century lifestyle or spiritual practice. It includes:

  • Description, interpretation, and correspondences for Chumpi Stones.
  • Uses, both ancient and modern, for Chumpi Stones.
  • Fully illustrated directory of imagery carved on stones, dice, tiles, and other items from Andean culture.
  • A comparison of the human energy systems from Andean and Hindu cosmology that influence Western beliefs and how Chumpi Stones can be used with them.


  • Definition of Chumpi Stones
  • Background Information
  • Uses for Chumpi Stones

Chumpi Stones 101

  • Anatomy of a Chumpi Stone
  • Obtaining Chumpi Stones
  • Carving Styles
  • Unique Chumpi Stones
  • Material Correspondences
  • Color Correspondences
  • Number Correspondences
  • Textile Correspondences

Chumpi Stone Correspondences

  • Cosmology by the Numbers (0 through 12)
  • Summary of Chumpi Stone Correspondences

Other Carved Companions

  • Taway (Dice)
  • Tiha Rumi (Tile Stones)
  • Makikuna (Hands)
  • Conopakuna (Votive Offerings)

Visual Directory of Carved Images

  • Images are Mythic Stories
  • Directory of Images

Chumpi Stone Uses

  • A Birthing Ritual for Chumpi Stones
  • Cleansing Chumpi Stones
  • Energizing Chumpi Stones
  • Affirmation Work
  • Divination Work

Energy Work with Chumpi Stones

  • The Energy Body
  • The Andean Energy System
  • The Hindu Energy System
  • Energy Transmission Work
  • Healing with Chumpi Stones
  • Grids for Healing Work


  • Illustrations
  • Fun with Chumpikuna
  • Glossary
  • Reference Links
  • Wisdom Weaver Press Offerings
  • Acknowledgements
  • About the Author

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